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How to Make Sure She Comes part 2

by Beth Divine 10 Nov 2018

Continuing on from the last ‘How to Make Sure She Comes’, what now follows are some tips to make sure that your regular partner comes regularly. These might be necessary if sex has become rather routine between you, and you want to keep the romance and sexual excitement alive.

Trade O Nights: You will soon learn, once you are in the habit of having sex often, that some times are better for one partner, while other times are better for the other. As you both get to know each other, you will learn the tricks and tips that help you partner to orgasm more readily, but sometimes this can start putting pressure on the relationship: I can’t come until she does, why is it taking so long tonight? If this does become something of an issue remove the pressure from both of you by having one night be all about her, the next all about you. This means on her nights, you will be putting in all the effort to ensure she is satisfied, but on ‘your’ nights, you can be a little more selfish and lose yourself in your own pleasure. Removing the pressure of ‘having’ to ensure orgasm, can make you both relax more, which can make sex more enjoyable for everyone concerned.

Do Butt Stuff! Well, not just butt stuff, but giving anal a whirl is a great way to brighten things up in the bedroom. Do something different in the bedroom instead of the usual missionary position for ten minutes with no deviations or exceptions allowed. Try new positions, a little light bondage or give anal a go. Of course, trying anything new must be based on honesty and open discussions, don’t just try and slip it into her ass without warning, that is most certainly not going to bring you any kind of good excitement in the bedroom. Have a talk, decide what activities you are both up for, and then set the mood lighting and get to work!

Double Up Play: if you tend to either go down on her, or use a vibrator to get her going, why not blow her mind even more by using a toy while your mouth is busy. Pay attention to her reactions as too much stimulation can be painful or put her off the idea of sex at all for a while. But with most women, double action is double pleasure and you will be able to witness her in the throes of a mind-blowing, toe-curling orgasm. After which, you can pat yourself on the back for a good job very well done, of course!