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How To Get Started With Virtual Reality Play

by Beth Divine 23 Nov 2017

You have heard about Virtual Reality porn and you are keen to get involved, perhaps with a gangbang, perhaps with one-on-one intimacy, to see how much your viewing pleasures can be increased. But… How do you go about it? And how do you go about it without embarrassment and possible humiliation? After all, it is not really quite the thing to march into a gaming shop and ask to see all the virtual reality sex toys and full body suit with full (wink wink) sensors. Is that even where they are sold? Let us find out!

Basic VR Equipment

The one piece of equipment that you definitely need is the head set. This resembles a pair of swimming or skiing goggles and fits over your eyes covering your whole line of sight. With this, you enter the world of the virtual reality movie and can move amongst the characters, enjoying the sights and sounds of the pleasures of the flesh being enjoyed – but you cannot touch the characters and they cannot touch you. Any intimacy you desire will have to be supplied by yourself with manual stimulation – which is nice enough, but perhaps not quite what you were hoping for! How To Get Started With Virtual Reality Play milfvr too hot to handle 2

The Next Step

Virtual reality gloves add a wealth of sensation to your virtual reality sexcapade. With these, you can now touch the other characters, and get a bit more hands on with the fantasy playing out in front of your eyes. Of course, this still leaves the problem of your own stimulus – necessary as you are sure to become extremely horny from being situated in the middle of all that sexiness! Once again, you are going to have to ‘take care’ of yourself, perhaps leaving one of the gloves off for the purpose.How To Get Started With Virtual Reality Play naughty america vr sexual healing 2 4


Sex toys can help you out here. Some modern toys are Bluetooth enabled, and can be synced with your virtual reality app, especially if you are using one device for both the toys and the playing of the virtual reality movie. With some planning (and probably some practise! Plenty of patience and lube!) you can make your virtual reality sex experience a more authentic, and exciting one. Even if you only have manual toys (such as butt plugs, dildos, vibrators or even masturbators (the latter are tube-like devices filled with soft rubber and featuring apertures that resemble vaginas, mouths or anuses), you can still enjoy a more immersive experience than if you did not have any toys at all. How To Get Started With Virtual Reality Play wankzvr rub a dub dub 4

Full body suit

Virtual reality experts have created whole body (non-sexual) suits, which are dotted about with sensors. When the player is touched in the game, the sensors vibrate or respond, making the user feel a sensation on the touched body part. The more expensive the suit, the more sensors within it – although gaming suits usually do not feature any sensors in the genital or nipple areas. Some suits may be customisable, with movable sensors that can be placed by the user according to need.

Sex suit

Arguably the best equipment to get for a thoroughly enjoyable virtual reality gangbang is the purpose-built virtual reality sex suit. This suit comes with appendages, and has all the sensors in all the right places, as well as a 360-degree view mask to allow for complete immersion into the storyline of the movie you are watching. Adjust the equipment to suit your own preferences, load up the movie, then lie back and have a very good time indeed!