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Pros and Cons of Virtual Reality

by Beth Divine 29 Nov 2017

Virtual reality is the up and coming technology of 2017. With lighter, cheaper headsets and bodysuits in development, it is expected that the industry will boom over the next few months, and that has already begun to happen. However, there are some pros and cons to virtual reality that a wise user should be aware of:

Cons first, to get the bad news out of the way:

Virtual reality can be addictive. Just like the really good video games, the user is caught up in that fantasy world, and wants to keep on going, to see what is on the next level, over that next mountain, through that next door. Being out of the virtual world – especially one where you are a hot sexy stud or babe – can be depressing, making users want to go back in as soon as possible.

With susceptible users, virtual reality can cause mental health issues. Being safe, happy and warm in the virtual world, enjoying plenty of great sex on demand, and being entirely in control of the experience can cause feelings of distress and disconnection out in the ‘real world’.  when user relates too well with their virtual avatar, depression and feelings of disconnection when not in virtual world.

Pros and Cons of Virtual Reality article 2 1

When in the virtual world, access to so much available sexiness can literally be too much of a good thing! Our genitals are not designed for lengthy steamy sessions, and too much of it can cause injuries. Women can get cystitis from too much pleasuring, and penises can become tender and sore. Remember, even in the virtual world: moderation in all things!

The final con is a double point: virtual reality equipment, especially full body suits, particularly those designed for sexual pleasure, is very expensive. These suits must be hard-wearing, durable, able to be thoroughly cleaned after use, and yet not lose any of the sensors that make using them a tactile pleasure. If you can’t afford the full set-up, it is hard to fully integrate with the action of the film. The disconnect between having to manually stimulate yourself and ‘seeing’ a beautiful babe slide onto you, can be enough to throw you out of the virtual world.

 Pros and Cons of Virtual Reality article 2 2

Now onto the pros which is much more fun, in every sense of the word.

Watching a virtual reality porn film is more realistic for the viewer. Not only are you in the room, enjoying the action, you can look around and focus on details that a traditional film would ignore.

Virtual reality is immersive. Rather than simply watching other people having great sex, you can join in, touching and penetrating the other characters (see the point below). In this intimate perspective, you are part of the action, welcomed and celebrated, rather than a passive viewer, unknown and unseen by the hot babes and studs.

With the right equipment virtual reality porn is very tactile. There are suits on the market today (and with all the research being done, improved ones are just around the corner) that allow you to fully partake in all the action, from full penetrative sex, including anal, and everything in between. Lesser set ups could be simply the gloves and headset, but there are interactive sex toys that can be linked to apps that can be used in conjunction with the virtual reality film to create a fully immersive, realistic sexcapade without any of the risks of disease or misunderstandings.

Pros and Cons of Virtual Reality article 2

Even without the fanciest equipment, a virtual reality gangbang can be a fabulous experience, especially for someone who is a little inexperienced and wants to practise a little, before trying daring or risqué things out in real life.

With a virtual reality porn film, all the details are fully rendered and the wearer can choose what to focus on – for example, say you are in a scenario where a gangbang is occurring. You are getting hot and heavy with a gorgeous babe, but just over the way, a stud is enjoying fast and furious anal with another hot babe. Elsewhere, some women are making each other come hard, using fingers and tongues to great effect, watched by a couple of others who are masturbating as they enjoy the view. You can put your attention anywhere in the room, even as you get virtually the best blow-job of your life.