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Virtual Reality FAQs Answered

by Beth Divine 29 Nov 2017

What is VR exactly?

Virtual reality (shortened to VR) is a computer-generated simulation of a 3D environment. The viewer or user seems to go into that simulated environment, and, with the right equipment, can interact with files and objects.

So, it’s like 3D?

Very much like 3D, and like 3D, you do need some specialist equipment, like the 3D googles you are given at a cinema to enjoy a 3D version of a movie. They are filmed in very different ways though, and need quite different equipment and set-up for each scene.

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What’s the difference?

With virtual reality, the main difference is that the viewer feels like they are standing in the world portrayed by the footage, rather than passively sitting away from the action as with 3D. Also, with virtual reality, the viewer can ‘look around’ as most virtual reality films are shot with a 180° viewing arc, or even a 360° viewing arc. Our porn movies are shot with the former, as we anticipate that the viewer’s attention is going to be on all the luscious action going on in front of him or her.

Is it for men or women?

Both! Anyone can enjoy an immersive sexperience with virtual reality porn. Simply browse the films we have on offer, pick the one that tickles your fancy and slip on your virtual reality headset and lie back and enjoy yourself! There are various toys and suits that users can buy to make their experience even more realistic, but you can have a very good time, even with only your usual toys – and even your own fingers!

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If I feel like I’m in the movie, how come I can’t feel them touching me?

It all depends on the equipment you have. It can be disconcerting to see a hot babe touching you, or even going down on you without feeling the expected touch on your cock so do be aware of this potential disconnect. Virtual reality suits are filled with sensors that can make the experience very realistic, especially if you can team it with some Bluetooth enabled sex toys that can double as your virtual partner.

How can I make the most of a VR porn movie?

Be aware of how virtual reality works, how it feels and how it looks. Perhaps get to grips with an everyday virtual reality film before trying a porn one? Also practise with all your sex toys, so you can follow along the action in the movie seamlessly, without any struggling or ‘losing your place’ so to speak. Once you are comfortable with virtual reality, try out the porn movies – and do not be afraid to watch your favourites over and over. Knowing exactly what is going to happen next, and anticipating it with your toys and lube can make the whole experience a truly mind-blowing and orgasmic one!

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How can I choose the best movie for me?

It all depends on what you like. Choose the movies that you would choose to watch as regular porn films, or the ones that pique your interest the most. The beauty of virtual reality is that you can even try out a gangbang and group sex – things that you might want to try in real life, but be too shy or inhibited to have a go at.

What’s next?

Who knows? The technological advances the world has made in the last few years mean that the future – and the very near future at that – could hold amazing and unbelievable experiences in the world of virtual reality porn! Sign up now, and wait and see what lies around the corner!