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World Records Of Sex

by juttyuk 6 Dec 2017
Most Sexual Partners In 1 Day.

During the 2004 World Gangbang Championship and Eroticon, pornstar Lisa Sparks had sex with 919 men during a 24 hour long gangbang. That works out at just over 1.5 minutes per man. I wonder how many of them ejaculated?

Most Orgasms In 1 Hour

The Center for Marital and Sexual Studies based in California, USA, have verified that 1 women had an amazing 134 orgasms in 1 hour and for men that figure is 16. These days I rarely manage 16 times in a month and I get to look at all the beautiful women in the VR porn movies on every day! Research shows 50% of women can have multiple orgasms and those between the ages of 40 to 60 find it easiest to achieve multiple orgasms as they are more relaxed when it comes to having sex. Women are more likely to have a multiple orgasm with a long term partner and using condoms actually makes it harder for women to cum even once.

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Longest Distance Ejaculation

The world record for shooting jiz or Long Distance Ejaculation is held by an American called Horst Schultz. Mr Schultz ejaculated his semen 18 foot 9 inches or close to 5.7m in distance. It was also recorded as achieving a height of 12 feet and 4 inches or 3.8m. 

Most Semen Swallowed.

In 1991 Michelle Monahan from LA had to go to hospital to have her stomach pumped after swallowing a shocking 1.7pints or  0.8litres of semen. This is the same as 5 yogurt pots full of creamy goodness.

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Strongest Vagina

Tatyana Kozhevnikova who featured in the E4 TV programme The Body Shocking Show has used her vagina to crush a Coca Cola can and she can currently lift a 14lb weight. She had to train to achieve these skills. Child birth weakened her vagina and after reading a book about Dao and women in ancient times using wooden balls to strengthen their vaginas, she decided to try the same. It is also the stuff of urban legend to hear about the strippers who shoot ping pong balls into the audience, So it is not just Tatyana who has an amazing vagina. Large insertations is also a very popular niche for online porn.

Biggest Tits

Annie Hawkins-Turner (Norma Stitz)has the worlds biggest natural breasts that are an eye watering 102ZZZ cup and weigh 56lb each. That is an underbreast measurement of 43inches and around chest over nipples measurement of 70 inches. If you are a fan of big tits then you will love Maxi Mounds from  Texas, USA and her massive 41MMM breasts. She has endured 4 sessions under the surgeons knife to win the Guinness World Record for Largest Augmented Breasts in July 2009. German model Beshine claims her 27Z cup breasts are currently the worlds largest augmented breasts.