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Virtual Reality Industry 2018

by juttyuk 12 Dec 2017
With 2018 approaching fast, virtual reality porn fans really are going to have the most exciting year in porn so far. The 3rd quarter of 2017 saw 1 million VR headsets shipped, now people are embracing the technology, due to price drops and improving standards. Obviously the Christmas market produces higher than usual sales, but the expanding market will motivate Adult movie producers to enter the VR market and produce more VR porn content. 

Sony is leading the way with their Playstation VR shipping an amazing 490,000 units and the Oculus Rift shipped 210,000 units, which is partly due to Oculus dropping the price to $399. For VR to be embraced by the consumer market as fast as possible, driving hardware prices down will be a priority for the manufacturers and this is great news for us the end users. 2018 will see the launch of the $199 Oculus Go, a standalone headset that I predict will be the top selling headset for the VR porn market.  

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VR Porn Industry

With 6 in 10 of the top virtual reality websites being porn sites and those sites receiving an increase in visitors of 50% in just 3 months, you can understand why 'VR Porn' is the most popular search term in the VR industry. Sex sells and money is the number 1 driving force for the advancement of technology.  Porn production company BaDoink who provide some of the best  VR porn movies on have made the decision to only produce VR porn and to leave the regular variety in the past. If that is not an indication of what direction the industry is moving in, I dont know what is? 

VR Sex Toys

Last Christmas day(2016) saw one popular porn website experince an 80% rise in searches for VR porn from their daily average. So that indicates the VR porn market will experience 80-100% increase in new viewers after this Xmas day(2017). Whilst 90% of porn viewers only watch free porn, people are more likely to pay for using a new technology like VR porn, which will bring extra revenues into the industry. 2018 will also be the year viewers embrace the use of VR sex toys. Penis pumps and vibrators that work alongside your VR headset and increase stimulation as the porn star action increases. You will also be able have virtual sex with your real partner using VR sex toys, but unless she/he is as sexy as a porn star....will you want to? 

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Image; SexBabesVR

Apple Virtual Reality

Apple is taking big steps towards entering the VR/AR market. Apple have purchased Canadian company Vrvana for $30 million. Vrvana have developed an AR Headset named the Totem, which is currently unreleased. The Totem provides Extended Reality making use of VR and AR which gives the user both kinds of experience using the same hardware. Apple products may be expensive but they are always good quality. Apple entering the VR hardware market will make VR use become mainstream faster as they have a Global reach. Apple products are used by the tech savvy and youth who have more disposable income to spend on VR sex experiences.