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Anal Sex

by juttyuk 21 Dec 2017
Anal Sex also known as bumming, back door action, arse fucking, bum fun, sodomy, potting the brown, fudge packing or Greek is practiced by both homosexuals and straight couples. Anal fisting is also very popular with lesbians and if you have ever watched a lesbian sex movie which involves anal, I am quite certain you would of been just as amazed as I was by just how far things can be inserted up the bum. Anal sex, Creampie(cumming on anus), felching, anal fisting and double penetration are among the most popular niches for porn which proves just how popular anal sex is. Cum Farter is also an insult in the UK, as it implies they fart somebodies cum out of their anus every time they fart.
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Anal Sex is Dirty.

A big misconcerption with regards to Anal sex is that its dirty. Whilst an unwashed anus is obvioulsy not that appealing, as long as your sexual partner has bathed, the anus and lower part of their rectum have very little fecal matter in them. People who receive anal sex regualry, like homosexual 'Bottoms' or Porn stars make sure they have emptied their bowels(taken a crap) and then they have an enema. There are also plenty of lubes available from sex shops and online stores that have been formulated for anal sex. The lube will make entry easier and less painful for your partner and also kills bacteria, some also reduce the risk of STD's. But always use a condom as that is the only way to reduce the risks of catching something. The main risk is if you switch from anal to vaginal sex, as even minimal amounts of fecal matter or bacteria can cause problems if it enters the vagina.

Anal Sex Hurts

Another popular myth is that anal sex will hurt the receiver. Obviously if your partner is not relaxed and you shove it up there hard, its going to hurt. So you need to take your time, get them relaxed and start off with a well lubed finger or two. A popular method is to start off in the 69 posistion and give them oral sex and use a finger or thumb anally, until they are loosened up. If they are inexperienced maybe have a few sessions with just fingering their anus to get them used to it, before you indulge in full on anal sex.

Anal Sex and STD's

So you don't need to use a condom because they cant get pregnant from anal sex? Wrong! The chances of getting a STD is greater from anal sex because rough sex and dry friction can cause micro tears in the lining of the rectum as it is much thinner than the lining of the vagina. Semen can then enter the blood stream easily, which greatly increases the risk of HIV. You can also catch hepatitis, chlamydia and gonorrhea and numerous over infections. But as long as you are careful the risks are no greater than regular sex. Use lube, not saliva and friction will be minimal. Giving oral sex to the anus and felching is very high risk. If you wish to partake, make sure the anus is well washed and use a lube that kills bacteria.

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Anal sex can help women climax, especially when done with oral sex. As long as your partner is willing and you have no religeous issues with sodomy, anal sex can be an exciting change of routine. Use a condom every time and you will have a problem free experience. You will need to check local laws as anal sex is illegal in certain countries.