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Sadomasochism - S&M

by juttyuk 21 Dec 2017
If you mentioned Sadomasochism a few years ago, people associated S&M with perverts and gimps. Mention Sadomasochism now and most people, especially women think of the bestselling book and film '50 Shades of  Grey'.  Sadomasochism comes under the BDSM umbrella, BDSM stands for Bondage/Discipline-Dominance/Submission-Sadism/Masochism and the term BDSM was first used in 1991 on a Usenet posting. Most people who practise S&M, do so using 'implied consent', meaning they have set boundaries beforehand and they often have a 'safe word' which is used to stop the session if it is going too far. S&M is just as popualar in both the Gay and Straight scenes.

A Bondage and S&M session.
Sadomasochism - S&M sANDm1

So What Is Sadomasochism?

Well the Sado part is short for Sadism. Sadism is practised by a Sadist, who is somebody who gets enjoyment, usually sexual pleasure from subjecting their partner/victim to cruel and violent acts/punishment that cause pain or various forms of humiliation. Levels can vary from lightly slapping your tied up partner in a bondage session to the other extreme full on torture, which has been practiced by murderers and mad men like the Marquis de Sade throughout history. Many people who have stressful careers or lots of power in life, like Judges and Government Ministers like to pay a Dominatrix/Pro-Domme to humiliate them with acts of violence and by degrading them verbally. The most extreme S&M adult movie I have viewed featured a man being kicked in the testicles numerous times by the Domme, so hard it caused him to vomit and cough up blood. He thanked her afterwards!!!

Masochism describes those who get sexual pleasure from being subjected to pain and humiliation whilst being dominated in one form or another. In its more extreme form, Sexual Masochism Disorder is a psychiatric illness suffered by those who engage in or fantasize about being humiliated, beaten, degraded, suffering or bound to achiveve sexual satisfaction, whilst also causing them psychological or social problems in real life. While gaining pleasure from these practices, they are conflicted because they also suffer shame, anxiety and distress - which makes them differ greatly from somebody who treats their S&M session as just an extension of their normal daily sex life.

S&M influences mainstream fashion.
Sadomasochism - S&M SM
Image; TheFashionSpot

S&M and Popular Culture

Sadomasochism has influenced film and fashion during much of the 20th and now the 21st Centuries. Back in the 1950's, popular American model Bettie Paige featured in shoots by photographer Irvine Klaw that were S&M themed. The photos were available to buy by mailorder and made Paige the first famous 'Bondage' model, as she posed as both the strong Dominatrix and the submissive victim. The S&M scene has had a big influence on Club Scene fashions since the 1980s with Versace even launching a collection in 1992 that was the 'Miss S&M' range. 

The 'Queen of Pop music' Madonna has borrowed heavily from the scene whilst defining her edgy look in magazines and music videos. More recently pop stars like Rihanna and Pink have made the look their own. Rihanna was recently sued by photographer David LaChapelle for basing the video to here song 'S&M' on hs still photographs. He claims the video was based on a shoot he did for Vogue Italia edition. She faced another similar court action from photographer Phiipp Paulus.

S&M is here to stay, if it interests you, find a consenting partner and have fun. You can even buy S&M gear and adult movies from various high street and online stores.