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The Penis

by juttyuk 27 Dec 2017
The penis - aka cocks, dicks, pork swords, meat injection, willy, donger and hundreds of other names is the main tool of males pornstars. Although most young men boast of having 8 or 9 inches and a girth as thick as your wrist, the truth is probably closer to 6 inches. Infact most recent surveys conducted by the medical industry, state the average length of an erect penis is around 5.5inches. Flacid penises vary in size greatly and are no indication of the size when aroused, unless it is a clearly tiny cock. The worlds current largest cock belongs to Johah Falcon from the USA who boasts an impressive 9.5inch when flacid and 13.5 inch erect penis.

'John Holmes' a legend in XXX movies.
The Penis John holmes bk
Image; Cinema Wasteland

Fat Cocks!

 Some pornstars like the legendary John Holmes who starred in 537 porn films and died in 1988, have penises around 12inches+ although many of the female XXX performers who starred with him stated he did not achieve rock solid erections. Whilst another of my favourite XXX stars, the Italian Stallion 'Rocco' uses his massive cock to inflict serious damage on his co-stars, often causing serious damage to their arseholes by forcing it up there very roughly. During the 1980's when the XXX industry hit a low point, various porn films were released which used giant fake prosthetic cocks or latex penis extensions, with the aim of fooling the viewers into believing they were watching freaks of nature with the worlds largest cocks. King Dong and Long Dong Silver who tried passing off a fake 20 inch beast of a cock where the most famous stars of this genre, that is best left in the 70s/80s. Due to the urban myth that all black men have massive dicks, most of the male performers in this niche were coloured.

A micropenis....and ginger pubes....
The Penis micropenis
Image; apricity forum


If you worry that your cock is tiny, atleast you are not one of the 0.6% of males suffering from the medical condition 'Micropenis'. This condition is usually obvious at birth and it means that your maximum erect penis length is less than 7cm when an adult. Obviously penis size matters and any women who says it does not is lying to be polite. But any male wth an average sized penis can get the job done, even if it takes more work. Just make sure you give loads of foreplay, as women rarely orgasm from intercourse alone. Give plenty of oral sex and she will love it anyway and one benefit of not having a monster cock is you can fuck her arse without causing too much pain. God put the anus next to the vagina for a reason and most women will cum quickly when receiving anal and getting their clit rubbed at the same time.

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