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Improving Penis Size

by juttyuk 27 Dec 2017
So, you are not happy with the size of your penis? What can you do? Well believe it or not, the simplest and most effective method of increasing penis size is to lose weight. Most men have some extra fat around the base of the penis and losing a bit of weight will often add atleast an inch to the length of the erect penis shaft. Apart from the gain in length, you will also be healthier and you will gain confidence, which will make you more attractive to your sexual partner. 

A trick used by adult movie performers is to trim your pubes short. Whilst not physically increasing the size of your penis, it will make your flacid cock appear larger, due to you not having half of it buried in a forest of pubes. Many men have more worries and concerns about what other men think about the size of their cock(in the Gym shower or when taking a piss in a nightclub), than any concerns they have during sexual encounters with a new partner.

Quitting smoking probably has the most benefit. Smoking clogs up your arteries and viens, which reduces blood flow to the penis shaft and as men get older their cocks shrink. Erectile Dysfunction(cant get a boner) is a common medical condition middle aged men suffer from. Taking Viagra pills cures this condition in most cases, but not always...

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Penis Pumps

If you are seriously concerned about the size of your cock, then you will have to spend some money to try and improve things. There are plenty of different penis enlargement pumps on the market and you can purchase one for as little as $9.99 on Amazon. They basically work by increasing blood flow to the penis and will require constant use to achieve even minimal results. Your cock has 3 pockets (Corpus Cavernosa) which fill with blood when you are sexually aroused, resulting in a nice stiff dick. Regualr erections will keep these pockets in good shape and allow maximum blood flow to your penis. A penis pump works by using a vacuum to increase blood flow to the penis, hence you get a stronger erection with maximum swelling of the shaft and glands. 

Penis Creams

You have probably received 100's of spam emails offering you a new amazing 'medicated cream' that will add 3 inches to your tiny cock and make you look like a pornstar. Does the cream work? No it does not! These companies send millions of emails daily and they make money on the basis of the tiny percentage of 'suckers' who pay for their 'miracle cure in discrete packaging' will be too embarrassed to seek a refund or do a charge back on their credit card when they realise they have been conned.

Cock Rings

Very popular with Gay men, a cock ring is simply a rubber ring that is worn around the base of the penis. Due to it's tight fit, a cock ring traps blood in the semi-hard/flacid penis which makes the bulge bigger in your pants, which makes you look more hung. They can be bought for £1/$1 upwards and if it helps you feel better about yourself when out on the pull, it is money well spent. Some men wear a suitable cock ring when having sex as they can delay ejaculation and help you perform like a Gay porn film star. Using one that is too small for extended periods of time can result in damage to your cock, due to restricting blood flow. So take care!

Improving Penis Size cock ring

Penile Implant Surgery

Penoplatsy or penis enlargement surgery is now in more demand than womens breast surgery. Maybe it is due to men feeling insecure from watching well hung pornstars performing in online sex videos? Some of the worlds top surgeons now perform the operations and men are getting their cocks cut open on a daily basis. Penoplatsy costs from $4000-6000 at a top Harley Street Clinic and takes about 2 hours. The operation basically consists of cutting the suspensory ligament and reattatching it 1 or 2 inches lower and injecting some of your stomach fat(liposuction) back into your penis. The results are an extra 1 or 2 inches when flacid and not much difference to your erection. Is it money well spent? Who knows? I am already happy with my fat cock!

So basically, if you cant afford or don't have access to a penis pump, cock rings or surgery - visit, choose from 1of over 80 categories of hardcore VR porn and wank.... and wank often as regular use of your cock will keep it in good shape.