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Transsexuals TS

by juttyuk 8 Jan 2018
Transsexuals are regarded as freaks by alot of straight men, but they are also viewed online in XXX porn films by alot of straight men... on the down low of course... You have probably nearly pissed yourself laughing when listening to your friends horror story of getting a blowjob from a tranny hooker while drunk or out of their mind, on a stag-do or lads holiday in Brazil or Thailand. So what is a transsexual(TS),She male or tranny?? You can also get female to male sex changers, but thats a whole other article...

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What's a Tranny? have probably heard the term Lady-Boy, when someone is describing the prostitutes in Thailand. In simple terms thats probably the best description, as they are part lady and part boy/man. Most of the transsexuals/ladyboys in Thailand make the decision to morph sexes, due to extreme poverty, as a matter of survival. By spending a few thousand dollars on surgery for a pair of fake tits, hair extensions and some lipstick they can earn a living prostituting themselves to drunk tourists and more rarely those seeking an exotic sexual experience with a lady with a cock! It is quite common for a Thai Shemale to get her fake breasts removed when they are too old to compete with the younger street meat in the tourist bars. Many of them are still Pre-Op, due to not being able to afford getting their penis removed and the fact that numerous tourist customers actively seek out a Ladyboy who still has her cock!

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There are numerous men who consider themselves straight, who are more than happy to receive oral from a tranny. Trannies can be the first gay sex a confused man will have when dealing with his sexuality or the Bi-curious/Bisexual's first choice when seeking a sex partner because he will get all his needs met. By appearing female, Trannies feed a normally straight mans ego and protect his 'self image', whilst allowing him to experience cock. Alot of  porn websites feature Shemales in the straight categories, rather than the gay section. Brazil produces alot of porn, with quite large amounts of it featuring Transsexuals who must start their Hormones at a very young age. As their bodies are normally very feminine, good bone structure, but they have massive cocks. Gone are the days of TS's looking like rugby players in a dress. 

Why Transistion?

When poverty is taken out of the equation, a Transsexual is somebody who transistions from one sex to the other, due to being unable to live a normal life as they feel they were born in the wrong body. Through the use of Hormones and Surgical procedures the changes to their physical appearence can make it difficult to tell they were not really born as their new sex. Doctors and medicine can only help so much though and they will not be able to fulfill the reproductive role of their newly aquired sex or alter their genetics. Due to changes in attitudes and medical advancements, people are transitioning at an earlier age. They are now taking hormones before their body changes due to puberty and the physical changes they experience are mindblowing. Once they are 'Post-Op' it is nearly impossible to tell they were born male. There are other issues though, alot of TS's have mental health issues and suffer from major depression due to the stress they suffer from being in their situation. Money is also a major factor as surgery is not cheap, which leads many into prostitution, escorting and appearing in porn, be it photos or XXX adult films

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Sexy Shemales

Carmen Carrera, regarded as one of the worlds most beautiful fashion models was infact born male. Isis King is another of the worlds finest fashion models who was born a man. America's Next Top Model has given the Trans community alot of exposure in recent years, but there's also Candy Darling who was an oldskool tranny who died in 1974. She was a very glamorous model/actress who starred in many of Andy Warhol's films, so it has taken 50+ years for these changes to happen. The online porn industry has helped change attitudes and produced rapid change, just like it has with online payments and the rapid advancement of technology. has hours of high quality VR Shemale porn and many of the performers appear just as appealing and sexy as our XXX pornstars, then they fuck you with their 8 inch cock. 

Agenda In The Media

Recently there seems to be an agenda in the mainstream media to push the issue of 'Transsexuals' down our throats. School children aged as young as 4 are being confused by 'gender neutral' values. Whilst I believe in 'live and let live' and that it is none of my business how somebody else decides to live their life. I also feel it confuses young children when their 6 year old classmate 'John' suddenly changes their name to 'Jill' and starts wearing a dress to school. Gender neutral fashions are being heavily promoted and even Gangster Rappers are wearing dresses in promo videos. It seems to be fashionable for Hipster parents to raise their kids as gender neutral in recent years and we will see the effects of thier parenting style in around 10 to 15 years time. If you have a friend who has issues regarding their sex, the best thing you can do for them is be there for them, somebody they can talk to.