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What’s on Your Christmas List This Year?

by Beth Divine 4 Jan 2018

You have been good all year, and now it is time for you to reward yourself by doing something just a little bit naughty. Here are some the most popular searches for porn terms over the last few years, but first, here is a mind-blowing fact: more than 5,000 centuries’ worth of porn was watched in one year, just going to show how many of us love to watch people having great sex!

What’s on Your Christmas List This Year? naughty america vr rock starr 4

The searches are surprisingly divided along gender lines, with men showing a large tendency to want to get into the pants (and private parts) of their female relatives! The top five male searches are MILF (mums I’d like to fuck), stepmom, step sister, Japanese, and mum. This last one raises some eyebrows with this writer – do they mean their own mums? Because, if so, that is a little mucky, don’t you think? As you can see, a big tendency to favour the older, more experienced woman, with a little Asian exoticism thrown in there (‘Asian’ as a search term separate from ‘Japanese’ also features a little lower on the men’s list). So if you are in the mood for something a little different, why not have a look for something in the cougar line for your viewing pleasures – perhaps a Japanese MILF is exactly what you want to see in her Christmas stockings?

What’s on Your Christmas List This Year? reality lovers space orgasm reloaded 3

Women’s searches, perhaps unsurprisingly, feature a lot of girl-on-girl action, but there is some interesting variety in their searches that might raise the eyebrows of those who have not yet cottoned on to the fact that women like good nookie too! The top five female searches, in order, are: lesbian, lesbian scissoring, threesome, big black dick, and lesbian seduces straight. There is no information as to the sexual orientation of those typing in the search terms, but it is probably a representative mixture of gay and straight, just like in real life.

What’s on Your Christmas List This Year? mature reality behind the curtains 2

Women, in general, seemed to favour more hardcore searches, with terms like gangbang, and even ‘extreme gangbang’ coming high on their list. Women only had one reference to sexual encounters with (step) family members, with step-father rating at number five on the girls’ list. On the other hand, men were not as interested as women in threesomes or orgies. Both genders enjoyed cartoon porn and hentai, both searched for movies featuring anal in almost equal amounts, and both sexes had their juices stimulated by clips of massages with exceedingly happy endings.

What’s on Your Christmas List This Year? virtual real porn cooking lesson 3

Do not wait for Father Christmas to bring you satisfaction of your secret sexual desires – pick a movie that ticks all your boxes and enjoy it now – go on, be a little naughty, Santa won’t mind!