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Christmas List Part One

by Beth Divine 5 Jan 2018

Tis the season for making lists, so here is a list of random, but interesting facts about porn and the industry as a whole.

Despite the advent of casual dating – that is to say informal hook-ups for sex rather than relationships, we are still watching more porn than we are having sex. The more porn we watch has no correlation to the amount of sex we have, which is to say, it doesn’t make any difference if you watch half an hour or porn or seven hours’ worth – you will still only have the same half hour of sex per week as you were having before, assuming you have a regular partner.

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It is a fact that watching porn as a couple can bring you closer and you will feel more warmly towards each other. Do not worry about upsetting your partner by suggesting that you watch some porn together, the myth that women do not like watching porn has been soundly destroyed by the discovery that one in every three porn viewers is a woman.  Up to 62% of women watch porn on their smartphones, and women are becoming more empowered and confident in the bedroom the more they watch porn and learn new tricks and tips to try out at home. Porn film producers could take a hint from this statistic and make more movies aimed at women? Please? (Little PSA there on behalf of horny womankind…)

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Which brings us to the sad fact that male porn stars do not make a lot of money for their work. Often, this is justified as the male stars are little more than fleshy appendages that the female stars use to display their considerable assets to the camera. Male stars can cash in if they are prepared to work in gay porn, where they can paid up to three times what they make with straight porn.

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It is also surprisingly hard (ha!) for an average man to break into the porn industry. While the idea of being an adult film star might appeal to the average young man – get paid for having sex both kinky and otherwise with smoking hot chicks? Why not? – he will need to have a smoking hot female partner to start out with, be exceptionally well-hung, be prepared to go into gay sex (and there is probably plenty of gay porn stars already snapping up the majority of the available parts), or have serious connections within the industry his odds of making it big are slim.

Christmas List Part One naughty america vr rock starr 5

However, if the market for female-oriented porn does get noticed and cashed in on by the industry, perhaps there will be a niche for the enterprising good-looking stud to fit into? As long as the paying customer, that is, the women watching, are happy with his physique and other attributes!