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Christmas List Part Two

by Beth Divine 7 Jan 2018

See how you fit into this schedule: the day on which the most porn is viewed is a Sunday – depressed office workers make the most of their free time before getting back to the daily grind of working for living, perhaps? Very little porn is watched on Christmas Day it being the day on which the least porn is watched worldwide – but this is made for on the 27th December. Working it out logically, perhaps viewers take advantage of the in-laws finally leaving to crank out a quick one to relieve all the stress and tension caused from having too many family members under one roof!?

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Who watches porn, exactly? Not liberal lefties, contrary to what conservative disapprovers would have you believe. More porn is watched in the more conservative US states than in other states where people are open about enjoying sex and hedonistic pursuits. Of course, it could be that all those preachers and government officials are just doing their research so they know what to protect the rest of us from? (Yeah right!) Utah, always thought of as being a highly religious and ultra-respectable state, is the single biggest consumer of porn in the USA.

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No matter who is watching, it is clear that the porn industry is thriving, and unlikely to lose its market share any time soon. In 2012, the porn industry was worth US$13billion. This seems massive until it is taken against the incredible US$97 billion that it is estimated to be worth this year…

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But perhaps this is not so surprising when you consider that approximately half of the content of the internet is porn. That is a vast amount of data – and one, it must be mentioned that is disputed by those who work, hands-on, with data from internet searches on a day-to-day basis. Experts say that perhaps as much as a third of the Internet is porn, and it seems to be a fact that fifteen per cent of searches on the internet involve the hunt for porn. Either way, there is a huge pool of porn out there, waiting to be searched by keying in the right terms. Of course, some people have favourite sites, that they navigate to directly, thereby not registering their interests on any search engine…

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No matter the truth of the matter, it seems to be an undisputed fact that 30,000,000 people around the world are watching porn at any one moment – why don’t you join them right now by escaping into your favourite virtual reality film?