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Why Use Condoms?

by juttyuk 4 Jan 2018
In the future......when virtual reality sex provides a better sexual experience than real world sex, due to you being able to fuck the partner of your choice and not having to deal with the emotions of a relationship. The only viruses you will need to worry about will be computer viruses. But until we reach that point, the best sex is safe sex. If you dont want to catch one of the many STD's and viruses having a wild and crazy sex life can expose you to, condoms provide the best protection and the safest sexual experience.   

Many young men make excuses so they don't have to wear one. I was guilty of the same when I was younger. You can't feel anything, putting a condom on kills the moment(I agree with this one), I am allergic to the lubricant, if we do it anally you can't get pregnant etc etc are excuses most young ladies and homosexual men will have heard atleast once.

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Why Use Condoms?

My best friend in the UK, Shaun, was a ladies man in his 20's. He was also a soldier and they are well known for drinking lots and shagging lots. He had the pick of ladies in our home town as word had spread he had a big fat cock and he knew how to use it. Well, it was common for him to fuck or get his cock sucked by a different lady every weekend. I had the same partner all through my 20's and sometimes felt a little jealous when I heard about his previous weekends sexual encounters. Then one day he phones me up, he wants me to escort him to the Sexual Health Clinic as he needs testing as his cock is sore. Not raw or friction burns from fucking his women too hard, but puss and discharge.....

Well he gets tested and he has a STD! We have a laugh about it and he accepts it is part of life and that he must be more careful in future. 2 weeks later he meets a dead sexy 16 year old, she looks older, acts older and she craves some man cock action, not young boys cock. Shaun the gentleman he is, was only too happy to oblidge. He gives her his normal routine and fucks her ragged, she obviously loved being treated like the whore she was, as she arranged to meet him again for more filthy sex. Then a few days later...he phones me and I can tell he is worried by the tone of his voice. He tells me he is worried his STD has come back, so we go back to the Clinic and they test him again. He did not need more medication for the original STD, he had caught another different one! So that is two seperate STD's, from two different women in the period of 14 days. If he had worn a condom, it is not 100% certain that he would of avoided the infections. But the condoms would of improved his chances of staying STD free greatly.  

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A story published in The Independent newspaper this December, stated that 47% of the 16 to 24 year olds never used a condom when having sex with a partner for the first time. 1 in 10 of those surveyed had never used a condom. These figures are reliable as the data was compiled by Public Health England(PHE). The issue is of great concern as in 2016 a shocking 140,000 sexually active people aged between 15 and 24 caught Clamydia or Gonorrhoea. 6 out 10 Calmydia or Gonorrhoea infections are caught by those under 25. 

Stay Safe

Obviously condoms will not protect you from the risks of giving Oral Sex, but please make sure you use one every time you have Vaginal or Anal Sex. Learn about your partners sexual history and try and find a regular partner for higher risk sex acts. It's great fucking like a Pornstar, but they get tested regualry and they know the risks. Stay safe and take care. is leading the way in the VR Porn industry, we add new content all the time and we promote safe sex. The next 5 to 10 years is going to totally change how we have sex, with the rapid advancements in Virtual Reality, Sex Dolls and Sex Toys - so make sure you stay safe to enjoy the most exciting era in the history of man for fucking and sucking!!