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Time to Talk Sex(y)

by Beth Divine 8 Jan 2018
Most people who find their way to this site probably already have a pretty good idea about what words to use to find their favourite activities to watch, or join in with thanks to the technological wonder that is virtual reality. Anal, gangbang, amateur – these are all porn terms that most people can understand from their context, but there are some terms that are slightly less easily understood. Here are some of the more obscure terms that you may or may not already know: 

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DPP/ DVP, DAP, DP: Double Pussy Penetration/ Double Vaginal Penetration, Double Anal Penetration, Double Penetration.  

DPP/ DVP: This refers to two cocks in one pussy. Usually, one man is underneath, penetrating the woman as she lies face-up on top of him, leaving the other man free to approach from the top, but there are a number of other ways in which this can be achieved. 

DAP: Much like DVP above, this position refers to two penises in one ass. As assholes are usually much tighter than pussies this is quite a technically difficult action to achieve, so do be sure to appreciate the skills when you are watching it… 

DP: Double penetration could be two cocks in any two orifices, although it customarily means one in the ass, the other in the pussy. This is a very common search, so it seems that many of us like seeing well-filled holes. NB: see ‘spit-roast’ for a different version of two cocks, two holes! 

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Fluffer: A fluffer is someone hired to ensure that the male porn actors remain hard and able to keep performing. While the tasks of a fluffer may include providing blow jobs or non-penetrative play, it can also involve providing moral support or someone to talk to so the performer can dismiss his worries and concentrate on the task at hand. 

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Futanari: A Japanese term meaning ‘to be of two kinds’ futanari refers to hermaphroditic porn, featuring actors who have both male and female sexual parts. This niche porn is becoming more popular as people become more tolerant about blurring the gender divide, and assuage their curiosity by clicking on the links to see ‘shemale’ scenes. *Shemale is considered to be a derogatory term used in real life, but in porn almost exclusively means woman with a cock’. FYI: there tends not to be an ‘opposite’ to the shemale, but Buck Angel, an early female-to-male transitioner styled himself ‘the man with a pussy’ and appeared in various porn films, so the term ‘buck angel’ has become synonymous with this physical set-up. 

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Hentai: While ‘hentai’ in Japanese refers to any sexual perversion without being tied to any one specific genre, the term in English and specifically to do with porn has come to mean manga porn, featuring the wide-eyed cute characters, naked and getting down to some seriously steamy action. 

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JOI (Jerk/ Jack Off Instruction): Sweet and simple, JOI videos feature a babe giving a step-by-step instructional on how to get yourself off. You may think you know it all, but having to wait for permission to proceed to the next step and doing what you’re told by a busty beauty adds a certain thrill to your self-titillation.  

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MILF: The acronym stands for ‘mother I’d like to fuck’, and refers to mature, sexually experienced women who have had children. MILFs tend to know what they like and have the knowledge to ensure that they get it, taking you along for a mind-blowing ride as they do so! 

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Scat: Basically, scat is poop play. Any sexual scenes featuring shit, or fecal matter. So avoid any mentions of scat unless a little crap in your day makes it all work for you. 

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Spank: Spank can mean, as it sounds, to slap, but it can also just mean ‘to have sex with’, so be careful if someone says ‘spank me so hard tonight’, as they might just mean they want to make love, not be assaulted! Usually ‘spanking’ means a little ass-slapping while fucking is ongoing, and must always be done with the consent of the spanked partner.  

Spit Roast: See DP, above: A spit roast is two men, one woman, with one man receiving oral gratification while the other enjoys anal or vaginal sex.  

Time to Talk Sex(y) 18vr dp tissue massage 3

So there you have just a few of the many porn terms that you may have seen on your favourite site (this one, of course!) but been too afraid to ask about. Now you know whether it’s safe to click on them or not!