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What Happens When You Fuck?

by Beth Divine 9 Jan 2018
Have you ever wondered what happens to your body when you’re having sex? Not at the time obviously, hopefully during the act you are too busy having a good time to wonder about what is going on apart from the creation of pleasure, but in odd down moments, while you’re waiting for your next hook-up or recovering from the last one? Well, wonder no more, here is all the information you need to understand what is going on inside your body while you get down. 

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There are, broadly speaking, four stages of sex but each stage blends seamlessly into the next. Often one partner will be further along in the stages than the other – this is quite normal and the readier partner can slow down their progression to give the slower partner time and stimulation to catch up. 

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Excitement – beginnings of sexual arousal, could be from deciding to have sex, e.g. agreeing to go home with, or planning a session, could be from the first touch. Within thirty seconds, for men cocks begin to harden slightly, and nipples may stand up too. For women, the changes take longer, but this is not surprising when you learn everything that is going on inside her pussy. She begins to get wet as vaginal lubrication starts, her vagina expands and lengthens, and her labia (both inner and outer), clitoris, and even sometimes her tits all begin to swell.  

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Plateau – this is when excitement has reached the high point. By now the man is fully hard, his testes have drawn up into his scrotum, and he may be producing drops of precum. The woman is now very wet, her vaginal opening narrows and her clitoris withdraws into its hood, and her nipples are engorged. Although it is seldom seen, the inner lips flush a deep red or purple colour as blood flow directs itself to the pussy. It is usually around this point that fucking begins. The word for the cock penetrating the pussy is ‘intromission’ and it happens when both partners are fully ready for sex to begin. 

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Both partners have elevated heartbeat and breathing rates. A flush may appear on their bodies, and muscles are tensed in the thighs, hips, buttocks and hands. 

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Orgasm – this phase is the shortest of the three, sometimes taking only seconds, but it is the best phase for most people. In males, seminal fluid gathers in the urethral bulb, a wide part of the urethra, close to the root of the cock. At this point, the man will know that he is about to cum. Then the muscles around the base of the cock contract, causing the cum to spurt from the head. In a woman, the vaginal walls contract rhythmically every (approximately) eight-tenths of a second. In both men and women, orgasms take around twenty seconds to complete: twenty seconds of perfect satisfaction! Breathing, pulse rate and blood pressure all peak, as does muscle tension. 
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Resolution – not many people worry about what happens after orgasm, but it is an important part of a sexual encounter.What Happens When You Fuck? vr bangers money talks 5 Most people lie still, allowing their sexual organs to return to normal, and with men there is a period of time during which it is impossible for him to orgasm again. However, with some women, continued stimulation can bring her to orgasm once or twice more! For around half an hour following orgasm, blood flow retreats from the genitals, which return to their normal size and appearance, and heartbeat and blood pressure reduce, while breathing slows, also returning to previous levels. 
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Then, after a cup of tea and a shower, you’re all good to go all over again!