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What's in a Fetish?

by Beth Divine 26 Jan 2018
Fetishes are a form of sexual attraction to things not traditionally considered sexy. Fetishes can take almost any form: here are some descriptions of some common ones! 

Coprophilia – literally meaning ‘poop loving’ coprophilia refers to having a sexual attraction to shit. Porn featuring this particular fetish is called scat, and it has a small, but devoted, following…  

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Exhibitionism – This refers to a person exposing themselves for sexual gratification. While people can streak in public as a result of a dare, rather than to get themselves off, most flashers are probably doing it for sexual kicks! If this is your secret desire, do be careful about this one – you can get into a lot of trouble with the law if you are caught by the wrong people or in the wrong place. 

Frotterism – Frotting means rubbing, especially of the naughty bits, to achieve sexual satisfaction. It is also known as ‘dry humping’ and usually refers to rubbing up against strangers in public places. As with exhibitionism, don’t do this, you’ll get into trouble, plus makes you look incredibly creepy! 

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Gerontophilia – This word means being sexually attracted to the elderly. While maybe not for everyone, it is great for those who value experience over all else – and it’s possibly quite flattering for the older person too? 

Katoptronophilia – A fetish that is probably becoming more popular in today’s selfie obsessed society, this tongue twister of a word means to get turned on by having sex in front of a mirror. Although, this is probably quite a common activity – who isn’t curious about seeing exactly what they look like while getting it on? – those with this fetish crave their mirrored image more than the average person. 

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Nasolingus – While we try not to judge – whatever floats your boat, as long as it’s legal! – we can’t help but think that being aroused by sucking on your partner’s nose is just a little odd… Especially when there are so many more exciting things to suck on? 

Partialism – Being attracted to specific body parts, not usually sexual organs, eg upper arm, or calves is not the weirdest fetish out there. In fact… 

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Podophilia – Refers to being attracted to feet – this is a surprisingly common one, and is the fetish that most people think of the moment they hear the word ‘fetish’! 

Urophilia – Is the technical name for that section of sexual activities collectively known as ‘water sports’ and refers to taking pleasure in being urinated on, or urinating on a sexual partner. This fetish became briefly world news when it was rumoured that the Russians had a sex tape featuring US president Trump and a couple of peeing women… 

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Voyeurism – Most people who watch porn have this fetish to a certain extent as it refers to being turned on by watching others have sex. Usually voyeurs like to be physically present, and to watch without permission, although there are those who seek out places where people have sex in the full knowledge that voyeurs will be around, watching them get down to business and silently enjoying their actions as much as the participants do.