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Famous Viral Sex Videos

by juttyuk 5 Jan 2018
I love viral videos, not of puppies and kittens. I like crazy shit and the rarest and strangest XXX porn. I have followed the viral videos of the last 20 years online and I am going to list some memorable ones that were shocking and got people talking around the world. hosts only the top VR porn videos, so I am not going to add the videos but will describe them and give you background info and the keywords for you to Google them.  

Mr Hands 

Mr Hands was a video from 2005, that is a legend in internet folkelaw and online porn history. It's 30 seconds of the most shocking filth ever recorded and it made national news in the USA and obviously went global on internet news sites and forums. Kenneth Pinyan aka Mr Hands from Enumclaw, Washington, USA starred in a DIY recording of him getting impaled by a horse called Big Dick while having sex with it. I grew up around horses and I know how enthusiastic they get when shagging. Along with the fact horses have cocks measured in feet not inches. Pinyan ended up dying from a perforated colan and his friend James Tait, who was identified by his car tag being caught on CCTV, when he dropped Pinyan off at hospital. Tait who lived neighbouring the farm where the incident took place, only got arrested for trespass as beastiality was legal at the time in Washington. They also found the recording of the encounter at Tait's residence.

Famous Viral Sex Videos mrhands
Image; ShitHoarder

2 Girls 1Cup

2 Girls 1 Cup was an internet sensation, even causing 'reaction videos' to the film being a top search term on Youtube for a while. 2 Girls 1 Cup is the search term the web community adopted for this trailer to Hungry Bitches, a Scat Porn film produced in 2007 by MFX Media in Brazil. The original distributor was Brazilian pornographer Marco Fiorito.  Whilst the scat scenes are believed to be faked in as much as the shit was a mixture of peanut butter/coco powder, it still came out of the porn actresses arseholes. Prepare to be shocked and disgusted by the puking and shit eating. This movie has been featured in most national press around the world and even on many local TV news stations. An internet legend for a reason, a  true viral video. The name even influenced future shock videos like the famous 1 Man 1 Jar.

Famous Viral Sex Videos Hungry bitches
Image; Wikipedia

Pain Olympics

The Pain Olympics was a Shock video involving serious pain. This video caused shock and amazement with its multiple DIY castrations. One man even goes as far as cutting out his testicles from his ball sack. I cant understand if its a sexual thing? As would'nt you get satisfied just the once? Or is it some kind of Gay Sub thing? Where they want to be like Eunoch's who are just useful to receive a good arse fucking