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Vibrators and Dildos

by juttyuk 29 Jan 2018
Sex toys have never been easier to purchase and can add some fun to your sex sessions or provide some solo pleasure. The most popular Sex toys are Dildo's and Vibrators. With the rapidly advancing Virtual Reality Sex industry, sex toy manufactuers are stepping up their game and developing sex toys that will work alongside your favourite VR Porn movies or even allow you to have virtual sex with your partner in a different location. Don't get paranoid if you find a monster sized Dildo under your new girls pillow. My girlfriend owns over 100 and has broken 2 vibrators in the last year through over vigorous use, some of them are fucking massive but she reassures me that you cant beat the feeling of a real cock inside you....
Vibrators and Dildos virtual porn desire the morning before 1
Image; VirtualPornDesire

Well, the most popular sex toy has got to be the basic Dildo. Dildo's can be used to stimulate either the vagina or anus, which makes them popular with both women and Gay men. They range in size from mini finger sized versions that can be kept in a ladies hand bag, to giant bendy double dongers often 12 to 18 inches in size that are stuffed into the pussy and arsehole at the same time. In the old days, legend has it that women in Greece and many other countires would bake a penis sized dildo out of a spare piece of bread dough. Now society has a more relaxed attitutde to sex, you can even find 'body massagers' for sale in make up/hair care shops or get one delivered next day by Amazon Prime.

Some dildo's are made to resemble a real penis, with flesh coloured latex, bulging viens and a big helmet. Whilst others come in any colour you can think of and will be shaped to hit the G-spot or the Prostate in a gay mans arsehole. Although rubber/silicone is the most common material they are made from, if you are prepared to spend a bit more money on your masturbation, you can get very high quality products made from medical grade stainless steel or even hand made designs in glass. Dildo's can be bought so cheaply these days, they are often given away for free when you make a bigger purchase from most online adult stores or sex shops.

 When I was younger it was common for women to organise a social gathering at their home, where they would drink some wine together and demostrate and sell dildo's and other adult products to their friends, to earn a bit of extra cash. In the pre-internet days alot of women were too embarreshed to visit a high street Sex shop, with it's blacked out windows, incase somebody they knew saw them and thought they were a pervert or prostitute. They were also worried about mixing with the old men, who visited the Sex shops to wank to hardcore porn movies in one of the coin-op booths. Times have changed massively, these days you have no excuse for staying sexually frustrated.

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Image; VR3000


Most women need more than basic penetration to have an orgasm, which is why Vibrators are so popular. They are made from the same materials as Dildos but will vibrate at different speeds to help induce a rapid orgasm. The most popular design is 'The Rabbit', when I used to sell sex toys I probably sold 4 Rabbits for every 1 other sale of Dildo's/Vibrators, but it was a new design on the market back then. The rabbit is so popular because as well as its good size and girth, it has an extra probe that resembles a rabbits head and ears that can be used to stimulate the Clitorus or Arsehole. There are numerous designs of Rabbit vibrators, expect to pay £20+ for a mid quality product and upto £60+ for a decent quality version. 

Another top seller is 'The Mini Wand', it sells for about £50 and it is water proof(great for bath time fun) and it is rechargable. One of the biggest complaints with vibrators was that you had to manually change the speeds with a controller. A long wire is hardly sexy, but wireless and smart devices are on the market now and products are now appearing which are designed to interact with all the VR porn hitting the market. If any of you men have been asked to use a vibrator on a women, watch one of our  Lesbian porn movies and see how the ladies use them on each other.

Safety Tips

Always clean your sex toys before and after use. Sticking a Dildo or Vibrator into the Vagina after Anal use can cause serious problems due to bacteria. A good lube is highly recommended. There are specialist lubes for Anal use, which are very popular for gay sex. Oil based lubes can damage some latex sex toys, if in doubt ask the sales staff who will have indepth knowledge of the products they sell, if they are running a quality establishment. The safest sex is what are you waiting for?