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Songs That You Can Fuck To (Part One)

by Beth Divine 29 Jan 2018
Our senses are important and even while we are enjoying the most tactile of occupations our other senses come into play, with fantastic fragrances and the object of our nasty desires wearing leather or hot lingerie all helping to make the experience even more mind-blowing. Music is important here to, with a dirty grinding beat helping to enhance our sexual rhythm and drive us to an amazing orgasm. Here are some great songs to help you come in style! 

Songs That You Can Fuck To (Part One) wankzvr dahlia s one night stand 5

Bessie Smith – Put a Little Sugar in My Bowl 

Don’t be fooled by the mellow melody, pay attention to the lyrics! This sweet-sounding number leads you into a slow rhythm that speaks of slow but certain foreplay, a wonderful anticipatory build-up before you drop some ‘sugar’ in her ‘bowl’! 

Ariana Grande ft Nicki Minaj – Side to Side 

Ariana and Nicki’s sultry voices invite you and incites you to do your worst – take your pick, she’s in so much need of a good bedding that she’d sell her soul for a ready cock! 

Songs That You Can Fuck To (Part One) reality lovers sexchange student 5

Wayne County and the Electric Chairs – Fuck Off 

Having no truck with coy withdrawals or romantic waiting, this song demands a good fucking right now – or fuck off! The percussion is just right for you to get into your stride, at least at first – see if you can keep up when they speed up! At just over three minutes long it is perfect for the culmination of a strenuous foreplay and play session before she, to quote the lyrics, takes a ride on your meat rack! 

Lana Del Rey – Ride 

Another excellent foreplay song, slow and sensuous, Ride takes us on a long, slow journey from frustration building until the sweet release of the crescendo. Excellent if your girl is always telling you to slow down and learn to enjoy the anticipation. 

Songs That You Can Fuck To (Part One) reality lovers give me attention 6

SWV – Downtown 

Pretty tame by today’s standards, SWV were pretty hot in the 1990s and this song shows just how ageless the themes of lust, desire and the longing for satisfaction really are. A strong beat helps this track to maintain its sexual grind. 

David Banner – Play 

Any song that starts with the line ‘Tryna get your pussy wet,’ and features both a male and a female point of view (well, almost, there’s two versions of the song, one from a male POV, the other from a female POV) is sure to end up high on anyone’s list of nasty songs to screw to. There is no romance here, this is pure hardcore lust that needs satisfying right now! 

Songs That You Can Fuck To (Part One) reality lovers dinner can wait 6

These songs are enough to keep you going for now – check back in soon and find the rest of the awesome musical enhancements to your sex life!