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Weird Things Stuck Up Pussies

by Beth Divine 8 Feb 2018
Pussies are designed to have things put inside them, especially cock-shaped things. Sometimes people get curious about what else will fit up there, and this can go wrong. One medical professional says she sees at least one stuck dildo every month in her emergency room. That doesn’t sound too bad, until you look at all the medical professionals in all the emergency rooms all over the world. That’s a lot of crap being pushed inside vaginas – although we are just looking at the relatively small amount that doesn’t come back out by itself! 

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One woman came to hospital for help. She had been playing with a 15-pebble string of stone massaging urethral balls. During her – uh – sessions the string began to dissolve, and the stones were left inside of her. The doctors went in to try and retrieve them, but only succeeded in finding fourteen of the fifteen balls. 

Another woman is on the list, not for what she had stuck, which was a small vibrator, but for how long it was inside her: a horrific ten years! The toy, which she says was lost when she and her partner had too much to drink one night, and got frisky with each other, was only found when her health began to decline, from the toy pressing on her bladder, causing kidney issues. 

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ER nurses see plenty of frozen foods caught inside women. The two most common are hotdogs and bananas, but any cock-shaped foodstuff is fair game, apparently. The women may well enjoy their chilly thrill, but body heat quickly warms them up and bits break off inside, and then getting stuck. 

One lady arrived with an entire can of hairspray firmly inside her – perhaps she was going for the seriously groomed look, inside and out? 

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Another female patient was determined to be the controller of the remote, winning the war about who controls the television and picks which channel is going to be watched for the next few hours. She put the remote control in a ‘safe place’ – but then couldn’t get it out again. 

A lot of women like to play with their food while satisfying their horny urges, and use lollipops and other sweets to pleasure themselves. This is not a good idea and no one should introduce sweets and confectionary into the pussy: all that sugar will cause a raging yeast infection that will stop all play for months. 

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A number of (usually older) ladies have been found with potatoes inserted into themselves. In some cases they go extremely deep, and begin to grow. One lady was found to have a potato growing into her uterus, causing a huge number of issues. It is thought that this practise is an old wives tale on how to cure or prevent a prolapsed uterus. It definitely doesn’t work, so leave your potatoes in the kitchen, not the bedroom!