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Attraction of the Taboo

by Beth Divine 12 Feb 2018
Why do so many porn viewers search for sibling on sibling, father-daughter or mother-son porn? Why is there such an attraction to what is forbidden? What is it about human beings that make us want to do the very things that we are told not to do? 

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The first and simplest answer is curiosity: why should we not do this thing? What would happen if we do it anyway? For some taboos, the answer is that the act is unsafe and might cause death or injury. This is usually enough to stop most people from going ahead, but in every population there is always one or two who crave danger, and who would go out of their way to explore the crumbling building, climb the treacherous mountain, or fuck the enemy chieftain’s daughter.  

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Other taboos – for example, incest, are not immediately dangerous to the perpetrators, but are taboo for cultural and societal reasons, as well as potentially being harmful to any children born of such a union. Again, the cultural and societal pressures are enough for most people, with just a few remaining curious enough to think ‘It is forbidden, but… What would it be like to try this forbidden pleasure?’ 

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For taboos that are not as serious as incest – which is, after all, against the law – the pleasure in the forbidden could be something as simple as having something that we shouldn’t have, that no one else has, and that no one else is allowed to have. Think back to when you were a child and the teacher let you take the register to the office or ring the bell – something that only one person could do, and that is only permitted under certain circumstances. Remember that feeling of being privileged and special? This is the feeling that adds enormously to the pleasure of doing or having something (be it a taboo sexual act or a chocolate bar when we’re meant to be on a diet) that is not the norm. 

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With taboo resistances, sometimes it’s a case of do as I say, not as I do – for example, watching dad puffing on a cigar and mum downing a shot or two of whisky counteracts the command to ‘not smoke or drink’. These temporarily taboo acts seem to be grown-up or sophisticated and therefore they are desirable to a young person. 

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Often, people who have been subject to severe control in youth or for a length of time – a strict childhood or controlling marriage or relationship, for example - explode when they can finally let themselves go. Think of all those stories about Catholic school-girls or vicars’ daughters who end up as sex workers or just women with plenty of sex in their lives: this urban legend is rooted in truth. People have a number of basic urges that must be satisfied, and sex is one of them – repressing natural sexual curiosity can cause an overload of desire that demands satisfaction! 

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Always remember, when thinking about satisfying your repressed urges: consent is mandatory! And if you want to try something a little forbidden, something taboo, then always make sure your actions are legal! There is a very good reason that most porn searches are topped with ‘step daughter’ ‘step son’ ‘step father’ and ‘step mother’ as potential partners in a taboo steamy session