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Leaked Celebrity Sex Videos

by juttyuk 14 Feb 2018
The fastest way to get your name in the headlines worldwide, be it the newspapers or on the television is to be the star, or the victim of a 'Leaked Celebrity Sex Video'. There are people who have become celebrities from starring in a 'leaked' sex movie and there are genuine stars who have been victims of being filmed in secret whilst having sex with a money hungry lover who lacks morals. Movies leaked by women are often an attempt to gain stardom themselves, whilst money or blackmail is usually the motivation of men.

In recent years there have been numerous films appear online by famous people who aint as famous as they used to be, so their 'leaked sex tape' was probably a desperate marketing attempt to get their names back in the news headlines, a desperate attempt to climb back up the ladder. 

The amounts of money involved can be truely staggering. Wether it's a bidding war between media companies to gain exclusive distribution rights or a settlement decided by the law courts. We are talking many millions of Dollars($US) and when you add the amounts both parties can end up spending on legal fees, lives can be ruined and others can be set up for life. Take for example the well known wrestler Hulk Hogan, he took Gawker Media to court in 2016 for $100,000,000 over the distribution of a sex video, which featured him fucking his friends wife back in 2006. The legal action finished Gawker Media off.

An example of B-Listers leaking a sex tape to get in the headlines involves Mimi and Nikko from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. Their sex movie distribution rights was bought by Steve Hirsch, a bigshot in the online Adult industry who runs Vivid Entertainment. The sex video was quickly available to buy, just in time to coincide with the new series of Love and Hip Hop airing on TV. Whilst the sex scenes in the movie are pretty hot, especially if you're into Ebony Porn, Mimi has since admitted that the whole things was staged from the outset and the tapes were not really stolen from her bag at the airport.

Vivid Entertainment are world famous because one of their many achievements was distrubuting the Kim K Superstar sex tape made by Ray J and the now world famous media whore, Kim Kardashian. The tape gained world wide attention in 2007 and has led to Kim landing numerous TV series and a marriage to the rapper Kayne West. Although I am not a fan of her at all, you gotta respect the women as she, along with her mother has a top class business brain. Although she dropped her lawsuit against Vivid, they did pay her $5 million. Not bad money for getting fucked by a black man and showing your fake tits.