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Google Daydream View Review

by Beth Divine 12 Mar 2018
The Promise 
Daydream View is Google's higher end virtual reality headset, as opposed to Google Cardboard which is their low end, basic virtual reality headset designed to allow everyone to access virtual reality should they wish to, even those who could not usually afford a virtual reality headset. Daydream View offers more comfort, better resolution, and an all round better experience than its cheaper cousin. 

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The Reality 
Daydream View comes complete with access to the Daydream Platform, a dreamy forest setting, filled with all the apps, movies and games available to users. The platform is 360, but the headset does not track your whereabouts in the room, which means you can accidentally bump into a wall if you lose your sense of direction while exploring which app or game to invest in next – experienced users recommend accessing the platform from the relative safety of a swivel chair! While many mobiles are fully compatible with Daydream, Google is pushing a move away from needing a mobile device. This innovation, the stand-alone Daydream View headset will presumably have a data connection through which games, apps and movies can be accessed. The headset is comfortable, fitting well without hurting, and entirely shuts out external light, so nothing affects your virtual reality experience. 

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Pros and Cons 


Almost no light leakage 

Comfortable design, fits snugly without tightness 

Simple software set-up 

Improved catalogue of apps and movies 


No iOS support 

Somewhat of a lack of fun, quirky content 

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Google's Daydream is the complete package, with View and Platform combining to make a one slick virtual world for you to inhabit. Other virtual reality headsets can make use of the Daydream Platform, as long as their smartphones use Android's operating system. Compatible smartphones include those by Samsung, HTC, and LG, amongst others. Some phone manufacturers have opted not to become Daydream compatible as they plan to (or already have) release their own virtual reality headset. If you opt for the Daydream View, you can be sure that you will enjoy the best of Google's world-class engineering and comprehensive – and growing – library of virtual reality-enabled content, without necessarily having to purchase a new smartphone.