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So You Want To Be A Pornstar?

by juttyuk 6 Mar 2018
So you want to be a pornstar? Most young men dream of being a pornstar and many young ladies dream of glamour modelling. Alot of them would do porn if they thought it would get them much needed expousure. There has never been a better time to get into porn and you no longer need giant fake tits or a giant penis. Although it will help you men to break into the straight porn market greatly if you have a fat cock. 

Due to the internet having an audience for all tastes, and natural bodies, faults an all being more fashionable. You can get work as a porn star. The more extreme can often lead to more work, Dwarfs, Amputees, BBW, Disabled, Strange, Mixed Race, Interracial, Female to Male TS, Trannies, Muscle, Twinks, OAP, MILF, Twins........With the creation of more porn sites, TV channels and an expanding adult audience every year, there will never be enough content made to satisfy our need for media.

 I did'nt become really become comfortable with my body until I was 30. Us English are not really into nudity, but I married a lovely Japanese lady and they as a race are well at ease with their bodies. They love going in natural hot springs and communual baths together. Funnily enough though, they have quite strict porn laws and blur out pussy lips etc. Nearly everybody has a part of their body they are not happy with any it is often all in the mind. Starring in porn can greatly boost self confiedence in most people. 

I used to have porn shoots quite often in my old warehouse storage unit in Barnet, North London when I was selling Mephedrone. Although I have fond memories of the era, Porn is not always as glamorous as many people will imagine. Whilst I used to enjoy hanging out with naked ladies I will always remember one whose damaged pussy used to leak cunt juices on my carpet every time. I have done so much work with xxx porn over the years, it's just work. The only porn I take note of now are the Out takes/Fuck up's and some real extreme stuff that don't turn me on, I am just amazed what the human body is capable of and what people will do for a £ note. 

To offer my years of experience of working online/marketing adult products and porn I have decided to write a couple of articles for those thinking of dipping a toe in the sometimes murky waters of the porn world. Firstly there is my braking in to the porn world artilce for males, which is based on my humble opinions and is hopefully realistic with regards to chances of gaing work etc. The second is for women, there is no excuse for a women not to get work in porn,you will fulfil some niche. The articles are biased for UK and Europe, I can can only write about what I have experienced.