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Become a Female Pornstar

by juttyuk 8 Feb 2018
Ladies! So you got nice tits and you love cock up your pussy and arse? If you are happy with your body and can perform in front of people, then maybe you will make it as a Pornstar or Exotic dancer. Luckily for you ladies it's a lot easier to break into the XXX porn industry than it is for men. With the ever increasing audience the internet provides, there has never been a better time either. Use your brain and you can be your own boss and rinse it when it comes to money! 

You can earn £3000+ for a Double Penatration movie. That involves getting fucked up the arse and your pussy at the same time. Do it too many times and you will get a prolapsed arsehole, which you need surgery to correct. You can earn far more dancing in a high end strip club than you will as a mid-level porn star. Donald Trump has just paid an Adult performer $130,000 hush money, so she does not discuss what they got upto. If the idea of XXX porn scares you, then maybe glamour modelling/soft porn is for you. If you have the right look you could earn a living from just topless modelling, lap dancing or being a hostess. 

In my humble opinion, a clever lady would get set-up doing live webcam porn. I know of a few women earning £400 per day for less than the standard 8 hour day and when they are not performing they can do other things. But it is quite usual for them to have 300 or 400 people watching them for free, while waiting for a customer to request a private show. Repeat customers are what you want, so treat everyone of them like you have built a bond. Remember their names etc, make them feel desired and they will be back spending their cash. Get a website made with enough free content to engage the viewer, but leave them wanting more so they pay you for the good stuff. You need a persona, so they feel like they know you. List your hobbies and interests, where you plan to travel this yearHave a list of gifts you want and a PO Box they can be sent to. Keep your ID/address private as there are a lot of freaks and stalkers and some will fall in love with you.

 Use an offshore company to handle your payments and you can forget about paying tax on your companies earnings, you are of course liable for income tax on the salary you take(I am not suggesting you use the nameless Visa debit cards £500 daily withdrawal limit, that come with offshore bank accounts). If you really are a sexy lady who looks hot without make-up, my real advice would be to forget porn, protect your good repuatation and just try and marry the richest man you can pull. Alot of men are stupid and think with their cock. A couple of years of marriage could earn you a life times worth of money and once divorced you can live life as you choose.   

If you are prepared to fuck a man on camera and for the whole world to see it, then maybe you should consider being an escort. High class escorts can earn £10,000 for a night and your average man does not perform like a pornstar, so it probably involves less sex. You do need the good looks of a model to earn that sort of money and alot of 'models' are really escorts. S+M can pay really well, older women make great Mistresses and you will get alot of repeat customers. 

The internet allows women to be business women in the sex industry, which is a good thing in my opinion.