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PlayStation VR Review

by Beth Divine 26 Feb 2018
The Promise
Aimed at customers who already have (or are thinking about getting) a PlayStation 4, the PlayStation VR headset is a cheapish model designed at encouraging PlayStations enormous fan-base to try out virtual reality, thus merging that huge target market and the lucrative virtual reality industry in such a manner that the share-holders will be exceedingly happy

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The Reality 

Given that the better quality VR headsets (Oculus and Vive) use high-powered gaming computers, it is no surprise that the PlayStation version does not offer such good graphics given that it runs off a machine that was not especially designed for ‘real world’ graphic imagery. However, it is not by any means a poor performer. Cleverly using existing hardware, for example, the Move controllers and camera, the company made something of an error in selling the headset by itself. The controllers and camera are necessary, so anyone who had a PlayStation, but not Move, then had to not only pay for the headset, but separately for the controllers and camera too – logic should have dictated including everything necessary to begin in one package, even if the price had to be increased to allow for this. The company quickly learned its lesson and began to include controllers and cameras in later bundles, but only after some disappointed customer complaints in the early days. However, once up and running the whole package offers a good and very enjoyable virtual reality experience, even if it is not entirely glitch free. 

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Pros and Cons 


Cheap and cheerful 

Works with existing PS4 

Good, entertaining games that will cater to a wide range of tastes 



A lot of light leakage from the headset 

Does not come with everything needed, controllers and camera must be purchased separately 

Only uses one camera to track motion and movement, so glitches occur fairly often 

Motion sickness can be a problem 

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Designed to work with Sony’s existing PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR is a good choice if you are already in possession of the console, especially so if you have Move, with the hand-held controllers and the camera. The games are the usual good quality, engaging offerings that PlayStation is known and loved for, so fans can seamlessly move from on-screen entertainment to ‘in-(virtual)-world. Using only one camera (all that is included) means that the PlayStation VR system cannot track you and this means it is better to play while remaining in one position, either seated or standing in one place. The former is better if you suffer from motion sickness.