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Oculus Rift Review

by Beth Divine 24 May 2018
Oculus made headlines a couple of years ago when the release of the first small, portable virtual reality set-up made gamers around the world sit up and take interest. Previous ideas about VR involved having entire rooms set aside for the bulky equipment, which – in some iterations – involved a whole body support to enable full 360° movement within the game or movie. Their product was the first to be market ready, and was understandably expensive as a result. However, as their competition has caught up with them, and the technology has been perfected and better understood, Oculus have, of late, been able to dramatically reduce the price of their headset. However, they are still one of the pricier headsets on the market at present, possibly still offsetting all the expenses incurred with research and development in the run up to launch. 

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The Reality 

Oculus Rift must be tethered to a PC in order to power the high resolution lenses, rather than having a mobile phone clipped into the headset, and the specifications needed in the PC are rather high-end. If you already have a gaming computer, you are probably fine to go ahead and use Oculus Rift with it, but if you have a bog-standard household PC or laptop that you use for Facebook, emails and ordering the online shopping, you might want to think twice before placing your order. Having said that, the specs have been brought down to enable slightly less powerful machines to use Rift – so it is easier and cheaper to find a machine that will work well with the headset. With all that computing power behind it, the Oculus Rift is an excellent product, immersing you completely in the virtual world and offering an authentic and exciting escape from your living room. 

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Pros and Cons 


High end for excellent quality 

Up to 100 titles that you can play through, and this number is increasing all the time 



Needs to be tethered to a PC, limiting motion 

PC must be a moderately powerful gaming computer 

Not cheap, despite the recent price drop 

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While the Oculus Rift is a pricy investment, it is not the most expensive product on the market – that honour goes to the HTC Hive which retails at almost double the price of Oculus – the Rift offers excellent quality, immersive virtual reality and comes with access to a number of very good games that are sure to entertain and amuse you for hours.