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Best Apps for You Part 1

by Beth Divine 19 Feb 2018

With virtual reality technology enjoying explosive growth at the moment, now is the time to be hunting for the latest new apps and games. Here are some of the best:

InCell VR

Set in the future – 2134 – InCell takes place when it is possible to shrink down to microscopically miniature size, and your job is to explore the human body from the point of view of a blood cell, racing along blood vessels, escaping from viruses and toxins, exploring the furthest and deepest reaches of the body. The game is easy to play, and you can control your progress by moving your head to grab up power ups, change direction and so on, or you can use hand controllers or a joystick if that is easier for you. The game is mildly educational – don’t expect to finish playing and have doctor-level medical skills! – and a great deal of fun.

Best Apps for You Part 1 best apps 1

Google Cardboard App

Google Cardboard is the cheapest and most basic headset on the market, designedly so to allow as many people as possible to get started with virtual reality. The app is free, so you literally can get access to virtual reality for less than a tenner and immediately go online to explore a virtual world without paying a penny more. The app’s premise is much the same as the headset’s – it is designed to give you a sampling of what virtual reality is like. There are a decent number of mini games and experiences for you to try out, teaching you how to move, gather power ups and generally navigate around. The Google Cardboard App is family friendly, with no bad language, scary or mature content. It is a fairly basic app, but is ideal if you are still getting to grips with the technology.

Best Apps for You Part 1 best apps 2

End Space VR

End Space VR started off as one of the sample adventures on Google Cardboard, but it proved so popular that it was released as a standalone title under a new name. The premise is laughably simple – you are a fighter pilot on a mission to fly through the stars defending yourself from attack. However, the graphics, the intensity of the battles and the overall feel of the game just work so well that you will want to keep playing and playing. Levels are well-designed to be challenging without being impossible, and replaying previously completed levels reveals content that might have been missed the first time. Weapons and health are upgradable, so you can mix it up considerably, even as the game remains simple and straightforward to play.

Best Apps for You Part 1 best apps 3

Google Arts and Culture

Returning to tech giant Google’s offerings, their Arts and Culture app is fantastic for everyone, not just those who genuinely love art and literature. A collaboration between over a thousand museums and galleries, the app allows you to explore masterpieces from all of history, teaching you about famous artists, cultural mores and traditions, and something of the time in which the artwork was produced. However, it is the ‘Is your selfie in a museum’ feature that has boosted the app to comfortably within the top ten for entertainment apps. Simply take a selfie, hit ‘search’ and the app trawls through all the artworks in its database, looking for a match – with some astonishingly accurate results having been seen so far!

Best Apps for You Part 1 best apps 4

YouTube VR

YouTube is well known to most internet users – a video platform that ranges far and wide from commerce, to education, to gaming, to leisure. The company, under the umbrella of Google and its VR offerings, has joined the virtual reality brigade, offering a good range of 360° and 180° VR content, as well as much of its traditional 2D content. This means that you can watch a lot of video with the app, with more and more VR enabled content being added every day.