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Best Apps for You Part 2

by Beth Divine 5 Mar 2018

Here are some more of the more entertaining and fun VR apps for you to try out.

Within VR

Within is an app in the purest sense of the word, meaning it has no content of its own, rather it is a vehicle through which other content can be viewed as a VR file, having been ‘converted’ from standard 2D formats. Within is a little different from other VR viewers. It can be used with a headset, for full immersion in the VR experience, or it can be viewed just on the phone’s screen, which becomes something like a ‘magic window’ through which you can view the apparently 3D action. Download your videos of choice into the app, then watch them through it for a realistic VR experience.

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The New York Times is just one of the news organisations who have seized upon VR as a way to make the news immediate and interesting to viewers and readers. Like Within, you do not need a headset to access their VR content, and they do not restrict themselves to reporting from war zones. On the contrary, you can climb the World Trade Centre or explore the icy reaches of Pluto – if a documentary exists for it, you can probably explore it in virtual reality!

Best Apps for You Part 2 best apps 2 2

Facebook 360

360° enabled photographs have been a feature on Facebook’s social media platform for some time now, and their 360 app is a neat way of bringing all the relevant content together to be enjoyed with a headset (currently the app is only set up for Samsung Gear VR headsets, but more are expected to be added in the near future). While the app is unlikely to be a trigger for getting into VR, for those who are already fans of the medium, it is a useful app to make sure that you haven’t missed any virtual experiences that might have floated past on your timeline before you spotted it!

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Eve Gunjack

Eve is a massive platform that specialises in space battles, with wide sweeping astral vistas being populated with thousands of battling players. Gunjack, being VR-based, takes you even deeper into the experience. You are manning a sentinel tower on a mining platform, in charge of a massive weapon with a wide sweeping kill range and an unlimited supply of enemy-slicing ammunition, with enough exciting power-ups to get you all the way through without boredom or impatience. The narrator is a little tedious, and power-ups can’t be saved, needing to be used until they run as soon as they are acquired. But otherwise, the game is fun, immersive and very cathartic!

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Minecraft Gear VR Edition

There is a good reason why Minecraft swept the world when it came out – it is the ultimate in user-friendly. The VR app offers that same customer care, allowing players to play in a virtual living room on a virtual television until they are comfortable with the headset and their controllers. Once they are ready to enter the virtual world properly, a quick click and you appear to be sucked into the television – a very cool way to arrive in your pixelated kingdom! So well do the physics engines and graphics work that, despite the unrealistic cartoony cubist environment, when it rains or snows, your brain actually tries to ‘feel’ the rain and snow! An excellent app and a great way to fully immerse yourself in your mining, building and creeper-evading strategies!