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How to Have Better Sex: Physical Factors

by Beth Divine 9 Mar 2018

Want to know how to have better sex? Here are some basic tips that will boost your immune system and general health, enabling you to go for longer and enjoy sex all the more!

Exercise: Keep yourself in reasonable shape. Sex is (or can be!) a strenuous activity and getting tired halfway through is sure to be a downer for you both! If you find yourself puffing and panting going up a couple of flights of steps, or can’t run for a bus without getting winded or exhausted, you might want to start some sort of exercise regimen. This will help your overall health, keeping you in great condition, toning your muscles and generally making you look and feel better.

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Don’t be tempted to overcome the tiredness by coming as soon as you are ready to: you will almost certainly not have brought your partner to orgasm, and it is the height of supreme selfishness to collapse in a satisfied heap after only a few minutes of action!

Eat Right: If you’re a burger and beer man who picks out all the lettuce, tomato and onion from his bun, consider changing your eating habits. Even if you haven’t picked up a pound or two from your less than healthy intake, eating more fruit and veg can work wonders for you – especially in your sex life! Veg and fruit like garlic and onions, bananas, and chilis all boost your circulation and lower blood pressure. This can help erectile function and general heart health, giving you a longer, stronger erection and the stamina to use it to its best advantage.

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Don’t Go To Bed Stressed: Try to reduce bad stress in your life. NB not all stress is bad – sometimes facing a reasonable challenge and feeling a certain amount of pressure to achieve is a good thing, spurring us on to work better, think more clearly and to relish life. Bad stress is that caused by something out of your control, that causes emotional or physical distress and that cannot be resolved. For example, your child taking drugs or becoming wilful, your boss bullying you and denying etc. While there is sometimes nothing to be done to end the stress, it can often be managed: take vacation time or look for a new job, proactively intervene with your child or decide to forgive them, depending on the behaviour, etc. Having too much on your mind can cause dysfunction – and worrying about other stuff means your mind isn’t on your partner and what you are doing.

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Get Some Sun: Medical professionals have found that many people in colder countries tend to suffer from a lack of sun, especially in winter. Humans need to expose skin to the sun for at least fifteen minutes a day to ensure that their natural levels of vitamin D and melatonin are boosted. Melatonin is needed to maintain a healthy libido, and vitamin D deficiency can cause a host of problems of which sexual function will be the least of your worries!

Sleep Enough: Make sure you get enough sleep to be well-rested. Sleep is vital to health and vitality and getting enough sleep will be beneficial in other ways, as well as sexual.