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Three Answers from Asia Carrera

by Beth Divine 26 Jun 2018
NB: All questions and answers taken from Asia’s website:, which she designed, curates and maintains by herself. 

Q: How did you pick your name?
A: I picked Asia because I'm Asian, and I think it's a pretty name, and Carrera from actress Tia Carrere, but I spelled it differently to prevent lawsuits. (even though she got the name from actress Barbara Carrere) 

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Q: How can I get into porno movies?
A: This is one fantasy that's better left as a fantasy. There's a reason why you always see the same guys over and over in every movie. It's because there are very, very few guys who can perform on command under the demanding, gruelling circumstances of shooting a movie. Imagine: it's 5am, you're exhausted, 15 crew guys are grouchy and waiting on you to perform so they can go home. They're giving you nasty looks while you're trying to get hard in the freezing cold, buck naked, on your aching knees on the cold metal hood of a car. The girl, who isn't even very attractive close up, is off set with her boyfriend, smoking a cigarette until you're ready. You're wanking in the cold with an audience of 15 impatient guys, knowing that if you don't get hard, word will spread instantly that you are not reliable. And if you don't come on cue, forcing them to reshoot the scene, you will never be hired again. Directors can't afford delays or failed scenes - so they simply refuse to hire new guys. The way to get around this is by bringing a hot new girl with you, and saying she'll only work with you. Fresh meat is worth its weight in gold around here.

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Q: Do you really come in your scenes?
A: I am incredibly lucky, because I happen to be one of the 20% of women that climaxes vaginally, instead of clitorally. I come quickly, easily, and multiple times, so basically a guy has to be pretty darned lousy to not make me come. On the rare occasions where the guy was TOTALLY lame (maybe 5 times out of 300 total), I realised how crappy this job can be for other girls, because faking happy moans and groans for hours when you're miserable, uncomfortable, and under hot lights realllllly sucks! Guys in the industry like working with me, and I suspect it's because each guy thinks he's the only stud who makes me come so much - Shhhhh!) You can watch the goosebumps spread all over my body, my nipples get hard, all my muscles tense up, and my hands and toes start clenching and flexing. (another part of me flexes too, but you can't see it - you have to feel it *blush*) I've never met anyone as orgasmic as me, but I've always been an overachiever... hahaha! Actually, I wasn't able to come vaginally until I was about 19 or so, and I couldn't come clitorally until about 21 (and still only with my trusty little Pocket Rocket), so I guess this is my reward for malfunctioning for so long! I'm making up for lost time!

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