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Faking Orgasms: On Screen

by Beth Divine 25 Jun 2018
Porn stars are a representative group when it comes to female orgasm. First of all, not every woman will orgasm every time she has sex, no matter how big, small or talented her partner is (this also applies to girl-on-girl action – there is no magical method of ensuring climax!) Therefore it is no reflection of the partner’s sexual skill, masculinity, or looks if a woman doesn’t come during a session – and nor does it necessarily mean that she isn’t enjoying herself.

Before we hear from the ladies themselves, here are some points to remember and tips of what to watch out for in your favourite clips: Firstly, you can almost always tell a genuine orgasm from a fake one, and most – a very, very high proportion – of porn climaxes are faked by the women. (Men have a harder time faking their climaxes as the evidence tends to be the ‘money shot’ of each porn scene…) Women almost always need an emotional connection in order to orgasm and trying to relax into intercourse with a camera crew all around, paying attention to positioning her limbs for the best view, and under pressure to reach climax while the light is still good all combine to make a genuine orgasm all but impossible, even for the horniest of ladies. Oh, and by the way? Don’t think that you will be able to emulate the more athletic moves that you see porn stars doing: many of them have years of practise and know exactly how to safely get into positions that are uncomfortable if not painful – and not at all conducive to orgasm!

It has been said that: "Because it's [porn] performative, women are not feeling joy from it. It's fulfilling a male fantasy," and it is easy to see the truth of this statement, from the points made above. However, speaking to five (fairly different) porn stars reveals that, like so much in life, it is facile to make sweeping statements and generalisations.

"I personally try to make every orgasm real. I want the experience to be real for the viewer. How can I expect you to have a real experience if I'm not experiencing it myself? You do your best to make it as genuine or real as possible. Or at least, I do…The easiest way to tell if it's real is a flush. If the girl is not turning red, she's probably faking it. You can't control blood flow...Porn is a fantasy. A lot of the things we do on camera you should not attempt at home."—Jenna J. Ross, performer

"I want them to really come. I don't want them to fake it. I want them to go as hard as they need to go until they have an orgasm. For me, that's what I want to see in the final product, and I want my performers to have fun! If they're not having orgasms, then half the fun of their job is gone. Sometimes the chemistry wanes or it's an exhausting day. It's hard sometimes. In those cases, I'll tell them to forget about their own pleasure and give pleasure to the other person."—Kayla-Jane Danger, director (primarily directs girl-on-girl films)

"I would say the majority of the time it's fake. Because when you're filming it's sort of like, a watched pot never boils. It's a lot of pressure and it's difficult to focus on really enjoying it enough when you have to think about how your body's turned and where the camera's at. It's very difficult, at least for me, to have a real orgasm when I'm filming. It happens occasionally—and it always does take me by surprise." –Brooklyn Chase, performer

"Most of the time, to be honest, I fake it. For me to have an orgasm, it's more of an emotional thing and a connection thing. Sex is fun, and sex feels good, but as I get older and more experienced in the industry, I feel like I'm faking it more and more." –Nikki Delano, performer

"I have a tendency to overact my orgasms when they happen. If I'm left to my own devices, I'm fairly quiet, and that's really boring to watch. I overact in porn the same way I overact when I'm not in porn, when I'm with a partner. It's a form of communication. Not all the time, but it depends on the situation. I work for queer porn, so we have a different way we shoot. But it doesn't always happen, just like when you have sex with a lover…It feeds into a larger conversation about authenticity in porn, which I find really difficult, because of course it's not authentic. Well, it's authentic because we're real people having sex, and in that way it's real, but we're doing it in front of a 
camera." –Kitty Stryker, performer/director

So there you have it: sometimes it’s real and sometimes it’s not – see if you can learn to tell the difference while watching your favourite stars!
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