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Gaming Empires May Crumble Without this One Thing…

by Beth Divine 24 Nov 2018

There are a number of games companies and some of them are high on the lists of big successful companies. The cost of both consoles and games would make the casual observer think that surely there is nothing that might threaten their security and financial heft.

But you might be surprised to learn that these companies, generally thought of as being mainstream creators of clean – albeit sometimes very violent – fun, actually rely on sectors of the entertainment market that you might find rather unusual. That’s right, companies who rely on clean family gaming fun as their public, advertised face; they make a large percentage of their income from adult entertainment!

Not necessarily using the console to play pornographic games – those tend to be few and far between. Computer games that are given the highest rating – Adults Only – are those that contain extreme violence, nudity, sexual content and so on, are said to have been given the ‘kiss of death’ as many retailers refuse to stock them and customers tend to shy away from buy them for a variety of reasons.

Rather, watching regular porn, accessing porn sites, through the consoles is the way that customers are subtly encouraged to use their console, purchase upgrades and to use, for example, innovations like virtual reality. It is the purchases of hardware to enhance the playing and viewing experience, and software upgrades and so on, that keep the companies making good money. In-app purchases, downloadable content and the like are the next best money-spinners.

Purists may scoff, claiming that surely any money made from porn and the adult entertainment business must be incidental and not really that important to keeping the finances in the black. However, studies have been performed that prove, definitively, that games companies that eschew adult themes and put stringent parental and anti-nudity controls on their consoles lose a significant margin of market share because of it.

It is perhaps fair to say that perhaps not everyone wants adult content – but they DO want the possibility of accessing adult content should they so desire to! It is a fine distinction perhaps, but one that many people would be happier with!