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Idealens Standalone Review

by Beth Divine 22 Jun 2018

Idealens is a Chinese company which has seized on the new world of virtual reality. Their first offering, came out in 2015 when virtual reality was still quite new and many of the glitches were being worked out.

Idealens K2, the second incarnation, has improved massively on that already satisfactory product. It falls somewhere between the supremacy of Oculus Rift and phone powered headsets like Cardboard, taking up the middle ground and providing for those who want a better experience but cannot afford the highest end products.

Idealens is, as the title implies, a standalone headset, with built in lenses and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. It offers a 120° field of view, which is plenty for most videos, films and games, and fits snugly over the eyes so there is little in the way of light leakage. Crystal sharp imagery makes for a good virtual reality experience for users, and the headset has a rather different fit to most other competitors.

Unusually, the headset has an over the head band, rather than the halo type that is more commonly seen. Idealens has placed the battery pack at the back of this band, where it sits snugly near the nape of the user’s neck. Idealens say that this configuration is super comfortable, and that the user can play or view for hours without experiencing any discomfort.

The inner tech of the Idealens is similar to that found in Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and S6 edge phones – the Exynos chipsets are the same. This promises a good user experience, sure to satisfy as regards game play, viewing of movies and even the nascent virtual reality internet browsing options that are cropping up of late.

The headset runs on the Android operating system, and runs for about five hundred US dollars. It is only available in China at present, and is designed primarily for a domestic market.