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Adult Entertainment/ Technology Marriages – Alright, Partnerships! – That You Never Realised!

by Beth Divine 9 Aug 2018

Porn is also quick to see the advantages of any new technology that comes along, and it has even had a hand in encouraging the growth of some products that are now used every day by mainstream users who would be horrified to learn about the slightly smutty start it has had!

Home Video

While people were interested in the concept of watching films at home, it did mean that they had to buy video players, which were horrendously expensive at first. It was down to consumers of porn who were very interested in this private access to film footage of porn who made sure that video player sales soared, which ultimately drew investment into the product, making them smaller, more efficient and cheaper for everyone to get.

VHS vs Beta Max

In the seventies, there was a battle between Sony’s Beta Max and VHS as to which format would win popular favour. With the cost of video players being so high customers were bound to choose only one, and the other one would be left out in the cold sales-wise. Sony made a conscious decision, refusing to allow porn to be filmed on their tapes – which were better quality, but limited to only one hour of footage – which impelled the porn industry to choose VHS. Sales of VHS video players soared, and Beta Max was relegated to the sidelines. One wonders whether Sony’s sensibilities would vote the same way today?

HD DVD vs Blue Ray

Something similar happened with DVDs, although there was no ultimatum from any manufacturer. Porn simply went with Blue Ray and the rest of the DVD world followed. Blue Ray players can now be found in most homes, as standalone devices or inside laptops, ready to play movies at the click of a mouse.

Online Payment

Online payment did not exist until the infamous sex tape between Pamela Anderson and hubby Tommy Lee. A man called Richard Gordon put together a setup whereby people could pay him by credit card and receive access to the tape – thus basically inventing the concept of online payments and leading to the likes of Amazon, eBay and all those other retailers whose shopfront exists only in cyberspace.

Faster Internet

It was pressure from the porn industry that has been the strong basis on which internet speeds have become ever faster. As porn quickly adapted to the internet and became the single largest search, so the demand for bigger bandwidth, and better, faster, clearer streaming increased exponentially. Responding to these demands – after all, from their best customers – internet service providers pushed their offerings to the max, a trend that is still ongoing today.