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Ways to boost your libido 1

by Beth Divine 20 Jun 2018

Everyone goes through periods of simply not wanting that much sex. It is perfectly normal and in most cases, nothing to worry about. However, if your dry spell has gone on for a bit too long, or you’re starting to worry about it, here are some simple foods that you can try to repair your fragile libido before turning to the medical professionals for official treatment.

Eat the Right Stuff:

Avocados, Bananas and Figs have all been linked with an increase in libido, and have something of an aphrodisiac reputation. The truth of the matter is that there is nothing specifically related to sexual function to be found in these fruit, but they all contain healthful vitamins and minerals that can boost the body’s immune system and general heath, so that a libido that is flagging because the person is not properly nourished could easily benefit from the great health benefits of the fruit to the point that their flagging sex drive could recover enough for them to take an interest in – certain recreations, shall we say, once again.

Chocolate has also been said to have a salutary effect on the libido – of both sexes – and this could be why chocolates have long been accepted as a romantic gift to an intimate partner. While chocolate does boost serotonin levels (serotonin is the ‘feel-good’ hormone that is responsible for feelings of happiness) medical professionals say that any effect it has on the hormones is purely psychological, not physical. But this does not matter as sometimes an unresponsive libido is that way because of psychological factors – making chocolate the perfect cure and certainly worth trying!

Fresh basil in combination with tomatoes in a simple dish is a great way to woo your partner and get you in the mood besides. Basil smells absolutely amazing, and has all sorts of health-giving properties, some of which have been linked to resolving erectile issues. What better way to prepare for a romantic evening than by beginning with a delicious and healthy meal?

Garlic, while not nearly as pleasant smelling as basil, is a member of the allium family, which also includes onions and leeks. Alliums have long been linked to good health and to good sexual health as their effect on reluctant Romeos has been easy to track!

Ginkgo-biloba and Ginger (separately, but potentially also together!) have long been known to be stimulants, working over the whole body like a friction rub and stirring up sluggish circulation. Add them to food or take as supplements to induce a wonderful feeling of joie de vivre that is sure to keep you in tiptop shape.

Finally, a little bit of alcohol is great for loosening inhibitions and making sure that any psychological reservations are more easily overcome. NB: the keyword here is ‘little’ – too much alcohol can affect sexual performance and can also blur the lines between clear consent and unwillingness. Restoring one’s libido should not come at the price of one’s freedom…

Of course, if you try all of these foods to boost your sex drive and find that your desire for sex does not return, you should seek medical intervention as soon as you can, especially if the decline in libido has been precipitous. It may be a sign of something easily sorted out, so do speak to your doctor sooner, rather than later.