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Ways to boost your libido 2

by Beth Divine 10 Aug 2018

Everyone goes through periods of simply not wanting that much sex. It is perfectly normal and in most cases, nothing to worry about. However, if your dry spell has gone on for a bit too long, or you’re starting to worry about it, here are some simple tips you can try to prepare your fragile libido before turning to the medical professionals for official treatment.

Your Inner Self Needs Love Too!

Sort out your self-confidence as soon as you can. Having low self-esteem can affect your sexual performance without you realising it. Not enjoying sex, or being able to take part in it can worsen feelings of inadequacy, which in turn lowers self-esteem even further. Instead of rushing to prove that you are virile and good in the sack, spend time doing relaxing and fun things with your partner. Let sex happen when the time is right for you both, with no pressure on either of you. Knowing that you are not going to ‘have’ to perform later, can help you to relax and enjoy the relationship more, and when it is time for intercourse, you will both know it and be ready for it.

What if the problem is your partner, not you? There are ways that you can help them to restore their libido. Make you partner want you, not by being sexy, but by being caring and attentive, helping them with their chores and making sure that they are not becoming overtired from doing an undue share of the household chores. Be affectionate and show interest in their interests and don’t imply that the only reason that you’re being nice is in order to ‘earn’ sex. There is nothing more off putting to anyone than feeling like a piece of meat.

Keep your body and mind on an even keel by practising mindfulness. This can be as energetic or peaceful as you like, with passive meditation, active yoga, or energetic pursuits like tai chi or another martial art to help you merge awareness of your physical and mental health in one daily session. This will help you to be mentally sharp and physically relaxed and fit – and a healthy mind and body enjoys sex more than an unhealthy one!

Finally, when you are having a bad time – whether it is work or money troubles, a bereavement, or any other kind of mind-consuming stress – don’t be surprised if attempts at intercourse fail or are not very successful. The body needs sex, yes – but it doesn’t need it all the time, and we are hard-wired to go into protective mode when under stress – and that includes scaling back reproduction and recreation, saving mental and physical strength for points of real concern.

Once again, if you are following good regimens, don’t have any serious issues, and cannot understand why your libido seems to have taken a hike, see a doctor at the earliest convenience. It may be a curable condition, something that a simple pill or supplement can sort out, so do arrange to seek a medical opinion as soon as possible