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Why the Modern Fascination with Anal?

by Beth Divine 8 Jun 2018

It may seem that anal is everywhere. Just about every porn channel has hours of footage dedicated to the back-door delight, staid married couples are trying it, and teen magazines are publishing tutorials on how to do it safely. Why has the world suddenly gone mad for this act that was, not so long ago, considered a filthy perversion and severely frowned upon?

Well, the truth is that enjoyment of anal sex is no new thing to the human race. People have always been fascinated with orifices, their own and their partners, and have often explored these orifices with willing partners. There is an ancient document, dating from about Shakespeare’s time (late 1500s, early 1600s-ish) in which a number of men (in those days, only men were asked, of course) detailed their sexual encounters. Most of them hand enjoyed straightforward vaginal sex, one or two had been pleasured by hand, while their own hand reciprocated, and a fair number had enjoyed a number of anal sessions.

Fourteen hundred years ago a respected imam, when asked about oral and anal sex told his students (again, all men) that their women were their treasures and they were not to be harmed – but that as long as there was consent from both of them, they could be as sexually adventurous with each other as they liked. Notably, this same man – remember, fourteen hundred years ago – also advocated that the men should ensure that their women were sexually satisfied, chiding them to make sure their lady enjoyed orgasms before the men took their pleasure as an unsatisfied woman might be tempted by even the ugliest man should he guarantee her a climax…

The only thing that has changed is that almost the entire world is in communication today, and that our universal love of anal can be observed because of it. It is no longer shameful to try it or to be fascinated with the idea of it, and men and women alike are more open-minded towards trying it.

So if it seems to you that morals are declining and that the world is becoming an overly liberal place – relax. Our interest in anal is much as it always has been – the only difference is that we are more honest about it now!