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Snapchat – Not As Innocent As It Seems!

by Beth Divine 9 Jun 2018

You may have heard high-school children and university students talking about Snapchat. You may even have an account that you use to send random photos to close friends and family. But did you know that there is a whole other layer to Snapchat?

Deep within the premium Snapchat account offerings there are a host of beautiful ladies who do not think twice about getting naked on camera. Snapchat shows short video clips and hundreds of images, and by paying the subscription for Premium and judiciously finding the right accounts to follow you can enjoy fresh, titillating photos of the aforementioned young lady in various states of undress.

It is important to note that the Snapchat terms and conditions very firmly state that offensive and sexual content is not permitted on the site. It can be assumed that should anyone report nudity or offensive content, Snapchat will close the account and/ or remove the content, so do not be surprised if your favourite hottie’s account is closed one day with no noticed…

However, few people have complained of Snapchat’s stringency when it comes to removing these accounts and one could assume that, as long as the content is not graphic, violent or disturbing, they tend to leave well enough alone.

The whole idea of Snapchat is impermanence. Photos and videos are not meant to last for all time, instead usually coming with a 24-hour expiry. This means that the photos or video clips that you admired yesterday will be gone today – but hopefully a new lot will be put up, ready for your admiration.

You may wonder what is in it for the ladies in the photos – aside from admiration, what do they get from the interaction? Some women very much like to be admired, thriving on the attention and aiming to get more likes with each offering, but most of them have monetised accounts, which means that they get paid for each view of their photos. If you are happy that your admiration is buying them a coffee, it is a win-win situation: you get to admire some of the most beautiful women in the world, and they get to pay their rent!