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Facebook Spaces

by Beth Divine 10 Jun 2018

It has been bandied about in the media recently: well, not that recently. Zuckerberg’s testimony before the Senate in which he had to painfully explain how targeted advertising worked to someone who clearly didn’t trust 'new-fangled modern technology' is more recent – but just before that, the big Facebook news was that the social media giant was moving into virtual reality in a big way, encouraging their users to invest in virtual reality headsets and readying them for the plunge into this new way of using the internet.

Facebook Space is the latest innovation geared to this desire to encourage the use of virtual reality. It is a virtual space peopled by cartoonish avatars , each one representing a real life user.

If you are a fan of the Nintendo Wii and used to wonder where your Mii (the character avatar that you played as) would wander to when you allowed it to vanish into the Mii Plaza, now is your chance to see! The Facebook Spaces interface looks a lot like the Mii Plaza, only now you are the little avatar and you can ‘go in’ to their world and explore it to your heart’s content!

Basically, you pop on your headset and controllers and navigate to Facebook Spaces. Once in that virtual world you can hang out with your own real-life friends, your Facebook friends and even perfect strangers, depending on your settings. You can share your Facebook content with your friends, no matter if it is video, images or memes, exploring content in a fresh and exciting way.

Obviously, your friends need to be online at the same time as you, so you might want to set virtual dates with them to meet up and explore this new and unfamiliar terrain – all from the comfort of your own home!

Zuckerberg claims that virtual reality will help to create the ‘most social’ network ever, and just a little thought can confirm that it will take much of the impersonality out of using the social network now – when you are divided from your friends by a screen and keyboard, it is hard to feel as attached to someone as you would when seated across from them at a picnic table, for example.

Facebook is the most successful social media platform in the world at the moment – and it is hard to see them getting the future of their business very badly wrong! Keep your eyes open for Facebook Spaces and perhaps have an explore next time you’re online with your headset on.