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Augmented Reality: Relationship Saviour or Smasher?

by Beth Divine 18 Jun 2018

It is already possible that sexual encounters can be enhanced using augmented and virtual reality. With both partners wearing headsets, they can both enjoy real physical contact and sensations, but with a different face and body superimposed over their real-life partner to make the encounter a bit more exciting, or to fulfil long-cherished fantasies of sleeping with their favourite movie stars or pop singers.

Obviously, there will be something of a disconnect between ‘seeing’ and feeling, especially if the real-life partner’s body is dramatically different to the fantasy partners’ bodies – but the human brain and a healthy libido will find a way make it all work satisfactorily!

Physical considerations aside – and, as mentioned above, these are usually dealt with fairly easily – there are sometimes some mental and emotional blockages to be overcome. Even if both partners are in agreement about trying this enhanced encounter, feelings of guilt, disappointment, and general dissatisfaction can result, and it is quite possible that neither party will enjoy it quite as much as they think they will.

Of course, any problems will be worsened exponentially if one of the two does not want to try this sort of thing, feeling as though it is a declaration that their body, their manner of having intercourse, and just about everything else about them is no longer enough for their partner. If they were fully satisfied, runs their thinking, why would they want to have sex with someone else?

To the more open and adventurous, this is not the thinking at all – instead, they see it as the chance for a more intense bonding experience, a way of ‘cheating’, without actually cheating at all. This, they claim in turn, is a way to bring them even closer to their partner, a shared adventure, if you will.

Whichever view you hold, it is best to be sure that you are both on the same page as regards augmented reality enhancements, or else you stand to risk more than just a disappointing sexual experience, you might end up losing a partner and a friend too.

While augmented reality sex could be just what a long-term, slightly boring relationship needs to add some spice to the mix, it could also be a bone of contention – how do you know your partner is looking at you through their headset? They just might be playing a steamy clip of their ex-partner, with you as their unwitting toy in the scenario… Whether augmented sex turns out to be a good thing or a bad thing probably depends entirely on how much love and trust is in the relationship to start with.