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OMGYES – what it is and why everyone should sign up

by Beth Divine 30 Jul 2018

There is a new app out there, aimed predominantly at women, but there is an excellent reason why men should download it and learn from it too. It is called OMGYes, and – as the name implies – it is all about helping women to say ‘OMG, yes!’ a bit more often during sexual encounters.

As previously discussed on blog posts, women are sensual creatures, enjoying sexual contact as much (if not more) as men, but they have been moulded by social conditioning centuries in the making, to put their pleasure last, that to please and satisfy a man is the main reason for having sex. Women, it has been inferred then, should only want sex in order to have babies, and if she enjoys it on its own merits, well then, she’s a dirty creature who is certainly not for keeps…

Fortunately, these attitudes are changing (painfully slowly in, for example, the White House and similar places) and it is now beginning to be accepted that women have the right to be satisfied after sex. However, there is a lingering reluctance on the part of women to say specifically what it is that they like and do not like, either before or during sex.

OMGYes aims to help women to open up that dialogue, and they have done it in the best possible way – by normalising the conversation. The creators of OMGYes asked many, many women what worked for them, and then got them to demonstrate the precise movements needed to ensure sexual pleasure, and they noticed something very interesting.

Women are almost all able to enjoy the sensations of sexual pleasure when enough time is given to foreplay. This takes up to twenty minutes on average. On average. That means for every lucky girl who can be wet and ready for penetrative sex in just five minutes, there is one who needs a minimum of forty minutes’ work to get to the same place.

All the women surveyed agreed that they did not need escalating foreplay, they needed constancy – that twenty minutes needs to be the same action – in the right place and at the right degree of pressure – over and over again. One sassy woman says, ‘If you can’t do the same thing with your fingers or your tongue for minimum of fifteen minutes, you need to get in shape before you call me!’

One immediate effect of all this information, collated and ready to acces in the privacy of the bedroom, has been that of tremendous relief on the part of women who – with only ready-in-seconds porn stars to compare themselves to – realised that they weren’t freaks, that it is quite normal to need a bit of time before being ready to have the earth move.

But there is an almost even split between the genders when it comes to downloads of OMGYes – men are downloading it so they can understand what it is that their shy partners are unwilling to ask him to do. Some couples download together, and spend time on the app, trying out the various techniques – you can use the touch screen to try and pleasure a digital vulva, with suitable verbal encouragement from the device – until they have perfected them.