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Edging, Teasing and More – How to Pleasure your (Female) partner (OMGYes part 2)

by Beth Divine 16 Aug 2018

One major part of OMGYes’s database is the wealth of information provided by women who freely and openly revealed their likes and dislikes.

One thing that overwhelmingly proved popular with a large percentage of them was the use of edging techniques. Edging is the practise of bringing a woman close to the edge of orgasm (hence the name) but then moving away again. Repeating this a few times prolongs her sexual pleasure and has also been known to enhance the orgasm when it does finally occur.

However, orgasm is not meant to be the ‘goal’. Too often, sexual partners think that they need to get their female partner to orgasm, almost as though they are playing some kind of video game in which the end goal is to make her come, and then you’re the winner with the highest score! But in fact, women take immense pleasure from the right kind of stimulus that may or may not culminate in an orgasm.

While for men, the desired end result is obvious with sex being fairly linear – from penetration to thrusting to coming – for women it is quite different. Women have more nerves in their genitals than men do, and while these nerves are concentrated predominantly in the clitoris, there are also many sensitive nerve endings elsewhere in the genital area – all of which respond to stimulus.

While it may seem counterintuitive for men, women are often content to ‘play’ for a long, long time, touching, massaging and stroking their partner’s body, and revelling in the same being done to them. This is called ‘teasing’ and it is a way of ensuring that a woman is fully aroused before moving the sexual encounter to the next phase.

For true female pleasure, take the idea of the orgasm as ‘goal’ off the table, and instead, focus on prolonging your sexual pleasure – and hers – for as long as you possibly can. Edging, teasing and massage – all over her body with less attention being paid to the genital area than you might expect – are a great way to help a woman to relax and get even more into the mood for sex.

It is for this reason – call it advanced sex ed! – that men are downloading apps like OMGYes almost as fast as women are – there is an almost even fifty-fifty split between the sexes when it comes to downloads. Men are overwhelmingly realising that women are deserving of more and better in the bedroom, and they are doing their homework with great enthusiasm. Make sure you stay on top of your homework, and you will reap the benefits in ways you cannot imagine!