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Pros of Choking

by Beth Divine 1 Jul 2018

Choking is one of those sexual practices that makes the headlines every now and then when someone accidentally kills themselves in the pursuit of better orgasm. But is it really a safe thing to do, and do the benefits outweigh the disadvantages?

The French orgasm is sometimes called ‘la petite mort’ because of the way the mind clears of everything except the sensation of release, making one feel as though one is rushing to orgasm ‘the little death’ and apparently getting closer to the real deal makes the ‘little death’ a more mind-blowing experience than it usually is.

This happens because the body feels itself to be under attack and engages every nerve into survival, with sensation being enhanced – this is why traumatic events can sometimes seem to play out over long slow minutes, when in fact they take mere seconds. Added to this, the body dumps a mass of adrenaline into the bloodstream to ensure that the brain is sharp and focussed and the body ready to take on whatever physical challenges come up. Combined with the pleasure of sexual intercourse, the release of endorphins is exaggerated, making the rush of climax even more intense and longer lasting.

Choking also heightens the sense of trust between partners. The choker is holding their partner’s life in their hands, while the partner being choked is trusting that the choking will stop in time so that no permanent damage or death is done.

Interest in breath play – as choking is often called – can begin long before sexual awareness comes along. There are sometimes news stories about children who challenge each other try to hold their breath until they pass out. Those who play ‘the fainting game’ are more likely to become interested in sexual choking and want to try it out at some point. Many of those who are interested in choking – on either end of the equation – have wanted to experiment, and have been thinking about in sexual choking for many years before they try it.

Choking experts say that the best way to try out the practise is to partner up with an expert – it can be all too easy for over-enthusiastic amateurs to go over the top. Of course, that does not apply if you are in a committed relationship – stepping out is never a good way to go!