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Cons of choking

by Beth Divine 4 Aug 2018

Choking is one of those sexual practices that makes the headlines every now and then when someone accidentally kills themselves in the pursuit of better orgasm. But is it really a safe thing to do, and can the benefits outweigh the disadvantages?

The first disadvantage of choking is a fairly obvious one – you can kill someone while seeking an intense orgasm. It can be surprisingly easy to kill someone, as a hyoid bone fracture can occur from a relatively light contact. And a hyoid bone fracture is often fatal… Clasping someone around the neck, even in fun with no intention of causing pain or even of restricting the slightest amount of breath, can be more or less instantly lethal. Choking as a sexual practise embodies all this danger and more, as the choking session is comprised of sustained firm pressure over a fairly long time, while intercourse is ongoing and sexual excitement is building. It can e hard to maintain the right amount of pressure to restrict the breath so the sexual high is attained, while still allowing the partner to survive the process without injury.

Choking can be a sign of degradation, an unwelcome desire to dominate and possess one’s partner. This is generally not a good basis for a marriage or partnership anyway, and the negatives are even more enhanced when only one partner is interested in trying out sexual breath play.

Choking can be used in tempestuous relationship, by an unscrupulous partner to set someone up for criminal charges. It is rare, but possible that someone traditionally classed as ‘vulnerable’ could manipulate an adventurous sexual session in such a way that they end up with potentially incriminating bruises, and irrefutable DNA ‘evidence’, and then claim non-consensual assault and rape. This can be done for a number of reasons: to ensure a favourable divorce settlement, from a sense of shame (allegedly, one college-age woman in the USA wanted to try anal sex and was very open about asking her current boyfriend to try it out on her. He obliged, and she found it unpleasant and degrading. Instead of chalking it up to experience, she then claimed that he had anally assaulted her and tried to bring charges against him. Fortunately, he had kept her messages in which she had detailed exactly what she wanted him to do to her, and he was cleared. But things could have gone very badly for him had he been the kind of person who clears their messages daily…), or even for spite, to try and get their own back on someone who has broken up with them… But one downside of choking is that sometimes marks can be left, that can be interpreted quite widely…

Choking as a sexual practice is best taught by an expert. This means that it is not particularly safe to do if you and your committed partner are both inexperienced at the practise. There are many ways to enhance the sensation of orgasm – and it is possible not necessary to resort to one that might be fatal to one, and therefore life-ruining to the other…