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Taboos: Why Do We Love to Challenge Them? Looking at Teens: The Appeal of (Legal) Teens

by Beth Divine 29 Aug 2018

Paedophilia is an abomination. Even the horniest, most sex addicted person will agree with that statement. And it is an abomination because very young bodies are not mature enough for sex, very young minds cannot understand or process the thoughts and sensations that sex engenders, and the whole community has a duty of care to preserve the innocence and sweetness of youth.

But too young eventually reaches ‘old enough’ and this is where a popular category of porn comes into its own. This is the category of teen porn which is always advertised with the proviso that – no matter how close to the line the ages of the stars fall – they are, nevertheless, always legal, which in most cases means over eighteen years old.

‘Teen’ porn has two main pools of viewers:

-          The first is fellow teens. While some youngsters like to watch older porn stars, the so-called ‘milfs’ and ‘matures’, most people like to watch people of their own age or a bit older or younger, according to their tastes. Teen porn viewers tend to watch teen categorised porn as it shows people their own age, occasionally from their sort of background and in settings that will be familiar to them, which makes the porn more exciting in a vicarious way. Watching these youngsters having practised and orgasmic sex can give a nervous virgin hope – and it can also offer tips and hints on how to physically have sex. Sex education in many schools and colleges is inadequate and tends to push the ‘refrain from sex’ line rather than offering any practical assistance with foreplay, how to find the clitoris and so on. Porn can help here.*

*Disclaimer! Porn is not a good substitute for sex ed – but it is the only thing that youngsters in some countries can access. Teachers and educators: find a way to make sex ed useful, meaningful and actually relevant to modern life so that youngsters do not have to rely on porn, which is fun but unrealistic!

-          The second pool is a larger one, consisting of older viewers, many of whom are looking back nostalgically to their own youth and early sexual encounters. These encounters might be good and thought of fondly, or it might have all gone wrong, causing feelings of shame and embarrassment even after many years. Either way, these viewers are watching young people getting laid and overlaying their real life experiences with the teens on screen.

Of course, these are not the only people who watch teen porn. Young bodies are beautiful: smooth skin, few flaws, scars or blemishes and often slim and toned, before the ravages of the passing years introduce wrinkles, lumps and sags where they do not belong. Therefore, some porn viewers like watching young bodies having sex as a form of envious displacement.

A final reason that teen porn is so popular is that young bodies are adventurous and very flexible, making a steamy sexual encounter a very exciting one to watch, because of the literal access to their bodies, and for the visual access – all that flexibility makes it easier to film intimate moments in close-up.