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Virtual Round Up – David Attenborough in Sky VR’s Hold the World

by Beth Divine 30 Aug 2018

Virtual Reality received a big boost this week. While the medium slowly becomes more and more popular, with many developers now working in VR and headsets and setups becoming cheaper and more accessible than ever before, the phenomenon has been largely ignored by traditional mainstream media. But this week, Sky TV aired an advertisement for a Virtual Reality experience starring that statesman of innovative television: David Attenborough.

Attenborough’s being the face of a new kind of viewing experience is not so very surprising. Over his multi-decades-long career, he has won awards in almost every iteration of television that there has been: from black and white, to colour, to technicolour, to High Definition, to 3D and onwards to 4K Ultra and more, Attenborough has embraced technology, mastered it and made it his very own.

He works with the best people in each field and makes sure that they have the time, money and resources to do an excellent job, and he (and they) have reaped their rewards in the form of world-famous programmes featuring cutting-edge, breath-taking filmography that have garnered award after award.

For Attenborough to now embrace VR is a sign that virtual reality has arrived, that it is accepted and useful and something that everyone can benefit from and put to good use.

The advertised program, Hold the World allows you to access the wonderful Natural History museum in a whole new way, touching selected exhibits, going behind the scenes and best of all, having David Attenborough along with you for the whole journey, talking you through the exhibits that you are examining and showing you around the rooms you choose to explore.

Attenborough was filmed by over one hundred cameras and the digital museum was put together using the latest advances in computer generated imagery, all to ensure that your virtual exploration looks and feels real to you. Hold the World comes out at the end of June and is available on the Sky VR app for Oculus, Gear and Rift amongst others. The experience can last as little as twenty minutes, or as long as a couple of hours – more if you decide to go back and explore some features all over again!