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Virtual Games – What’s good to play?

by Beth Divine 30 Aug 2018

Robo Recall, from makers of Borderlands is an excellent virtual reality shooter game. Sent out to ‘recall’ (ie, shoot the crap out of) hundreds of defective robots, your avatar range far and wide, with a variety of ways to take out the robots. The most obvious way is to draw your pistols and start shooting: the weaponry feels great and the robots are blasted into most satisfying bits. Your holsters are magically replenished after you’ve used all the ammo, and all you need to do is drop the empty weapons and draw the new ones. There are also bigger guns for those who want more bang for their buck, with an interesting and engaging array of power-ups to find and try out. If you want to do more than shoot your way through the game, you can fight the robots with your hands, tearing them apart, using them as weapons against others, and even catching their bullets and missiles and returning them to the enemy with interest.

Skyrim is well known and loved: now you can explore the world in even more detail than before, situating yourself inside the game and playing from an entirely different point-of-view for a change: one that makes the game’s environment ever more intimate and intense.

End Space has come from humble beginnings – a rough and ready origin involving pizza boxes and the Wasilenko brothers – to a polished and addictive offering that would not be out of place amongst games from long-established studios with budgets worthy of Hollywood blockbusters. End Space offers a basic storyline: you are a pilot, en route to your destination, while your enemies do their best to stop you. A strictly single-player shooter game, End Space is simple, addictive and sure to be the reason that many hours of leisure time vanish without trace.

Sprint Vector is a great game for fans of Mario Kart style racing games. A word to the wise though, Sprint Vector is a very physical game and you will be hot, sweaty and exhausted, even though exhilarated, at the end of the game. Although the game claims that players can be seated to play, a lot of upper body movement is needed, and being seated can restrict and limit this movement, making motion control harder and more unresponsive than when standing. You move along by swinging your arms, and gain speed by keeping your movements regular and speedy. As you careen around the track, you have to watch out for power-up and traps and traps disguised as power-ups, all the while keeping your arms moving steadily and strongly so you don’t lose your place in the race.